Les bisous du vampire

People who haven’t experienced the horror joy of meeting Louis Catorze often assume his photos to be fake, because his fangs don’t look as if they should belong on any actual cat (nor, indeed, on any animal known to zoological science).

I’m quite flattered at the assumption that I would be knowledgeable enough to doctor pictures so convincingly but, no, they aren’t altered; those teeth are the work of Mother Nature and her brief dalliance with Satan. The fangs stick out permanently whether his mouth is open or closed, but how much depends on a number of things: the camera angle, the direction in which Catorze is looking, and also his mood. Yes, his mood. If he’s in a psycho, playful mood, for reasons that we cannot fathom, his fangs are more prominent.

In a way this is a good thing, because gives us some warning that things are about to go awry. However, there is nothing we can do to stop it.

Here are some of the many faces of Le Roi, taken over the course of this year, showing how much the visibility of the fangs can vary. That last one may well be recycled as his Official Hallowe’en Portrait for this year, as I don’t imagine he will be remotely compliant when it comes to posing for that later this month.

Invisible fangs.
Just a hint of fangs.

21 thoughts on “Les bisous du vampire

  1. My goodness, the last one scares the living daylights out of me… Would still love to meet this wonderful madmancat however I suffer a total fear of anything halloween and so if I ever do get to meet him it would have to be exactly 6 months after October 31st, to ensure I’d be as safe as humanly possible

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  2. My cats have this to some degree as well. If you look at the photo graphic evidence here presented you will notice, as I have with mine, that the attitude of the whiskers has much to do with this. I believe it is cat body language that they silently speak to each other like tail and ear positions that we can read easily. He may have to up his game if you start reading his face!

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    1. I often wondered how he would communicate with Donnie as they used to just sit together in silence! Maybe it was via the whiskers!


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