Où est ma bouffe?

Cat Daddy and I placed an Ocado order recently and, on the day it was due to arrive, we learned that twenty-eight items would not be delivered. Well, I guess it was really twenty-seven since one of the items was substituted with the same product in a smaller pack size, but I consider that as “not delivered” as nobody wants a small pack of something instead of a large one.

Although twenty-eight items is a LOT to be missing, Cat Daddy and I are determined not to be those people who go into the supermarket and clear the shelves of absolutely everything. However, if a certain someone’s Orijen were to disappear, we would be well and truly dans la merde. As you are already aware from having followed us through the purgatory that was the Grand Changement in all its excruciating forms, Louis Catorze is not one to “make do”. He will happily starve to death rather than consume one crumb of less-than-perfect fare. In fact, he will happily starve to death rather than consume one crumb of perfect fare from a LESS-THAN-PERFECT BOWL.

I asked Cat Daddy whether we should buy an extra few months’ supply of Orijen, and his response was, “Do whatever you think you should do” (which sounds like approval/support but, in fact, is more like a dare). I did it anyway – a reasonable quantity, I might add, not 9,083 packs – and I feel much better for it, especially as Catorze has permanent post-steroid hungries at the moment and is an eating machine. A couple of days ago he had seven dinners, and Cat Daddy gave him an eighth after I had gone to bed.

Here is Sa Maj, listening to irate radio show callers complaining about the lack of fuel and the empty supermarket shelves, smug in the knowledge that he’s all right:

“No need to panique-acheter. Unless it’s Orijen for moi.”

*UPDATE: Five days after I finished writing this, Petscorner emailed me to tell me that Catorze’s regular subscription order of Orijen Six Fish wouldn’t be coming, and the main Orijen website is currently also all out.

Cat Daddy: “You see? I *TOLD* you to get some in. We don’t want him going hungry.”

29 thoughts on “Où est ma bouffe?

  1. My cat crew is not too fussy but over here we have to buy double what their usual fare is when we see it because the next week it will be nowhere to be found. And we are not talking specialized fare or fancy stores. We mean Purina Cat Chow and Friskies pate at Wal-Mart. So we definitely understand your concerns !

    Maybe those who make the news would be less terrifying if they saw Catorze watching them !

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    1. We’ve been pretty lucky so far, but the not knowing is hard. Petscorner have said they’re due to have another shipment of Orijen in early October but they can’t guarantee it, so it’s a bit of a waiting game at the moment. Luckily we will be ok for a few months.

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    1. Catorze is fine for the time being! We ourselves might not be able to drive our car or wipe our bums, but at least he’s ok. 🤣

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  2. I understand the panic. We can make do on, say, beans and rice (gag) but the pets are not as flexible. We have met similar fears with similar actions.😉 it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra on the shelf; it will all get eaten.

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    1. I hope so too! There’s a terrible attitude here in the U.K., not just with selfishness but with people who stockpile being dismissed as stupid or just following the crowd. Some might be, but others are genuinely worried that when their turn comes, there will be nothing left!

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      1. The same had happened here at the start of the pandemic. It was so awful that customers were asked to buy not more than one or two packs of toilet paper or bottles of milk or packages of pasta…

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        1. Yes, they need to start limiting petrol, just letting people fill up the one tank that they have and not all manner of extra containers.

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    1. Yes, it’s because of a shortage of drivers. The latest news is that the Orijen is expected in early October, but they “cannot guarantee this”. I might send him to you, so that he can live in the country where it’s made! Would Miss Penny mind sharing her residence with a French vampire cat? 🤣🤣🤣

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      1. Miss Penny (and I) would love it 😀 The three of us would spend our evenings philosophizing about our hardships and the meaning of life while eating camembert and Orijen, it’d be perfect!

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        1. But … but … the communing with evil spirits! The full moon insanity! The psychological torture! How would you cope? (I can’t.)

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  3. It sounds like you might have a problem ahead. It reminds me of when I got married. We had a wedding date scheduled but it took longer than anticipated for my fiance’s divorce to be finalized. That happened 17 days before the wedding.

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    1. If the timing JUST ABOUT works out and the new Orijen arrives just as Catorze finishes the last crumb of the last batch, that’s good enough for me!

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  4. If it’s available in the U.S., I will happily send an emergency supply when you run low. 😺 After all, a King must remain in top form!

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    1. Aww, you are so kind! I think we’re ok for the time being, thanks to my prudent purchase (and no thanks to Cat Daddy for his unhelpfulness). 🤞🤞🤞

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