L’éveil des sens

On Monday night, our esteemed leader announced another national lockdown. Yes, he’s already shut schools once, then reopened them. Now he’s shutting them again. Are we all keeping up so far?

Although I no longer have to drive to work, getting up on a January morning is quite the most depressing thing ever. And, on a few occasions, the darned Lumie Bodyclock has failed to wake me up properly. Sometimes the light works but the sound doesn’t. And sometimes neither work. It is the most user-unfriendly gadget there is.

When/if the alarm goes off, there is no button to switch off the sound without also deactivating it completely. All you can do is turn the volume down – and, if you go too far and turn it right down to zero, again it deactivates the alarm and so you have to reset it. If you DON’T turn the volume down, the stupid tropical birds sing all day.

The last time this happened and I angrily pressed random buttons for no reason, the FM radio button – which had not worked at all previously – chose that very moment to decide to work, giving me Matt Hancock’s voice talking about vaccines. Quite frankly I’d rather have had the goats, and I think the rest of the country is with me on that one.

Cat Daddy thinks I’m just too thick to have figured it out, but the people leaving the reviews did warn me that it was, erm, problematic. However, like an idiot, I thought I would just learn to live with it. Which, I admit, was a bit thick of me.

Luckily our mutual friend has been on hand to alert me to the fact that it’s time to get up. A minute after my alarm is supposed to go off, he starts purring and bouncing around. It would be better if he did this once at wake-up time, and not also at random intervals throughout the night for no reason. But, as he is making the difference between getting up on time and not, I’ll take it.

Catorze’s Cat Grandpa used to say that electronics were only as good as the human being programming them. He may have been right, but I need something better than the person who made it, and better than me, otherwise there’s not much point.

Worryingly, does this mean that Catorze is better than me, the Lumie Bodyclock AND the person who made it? Oh. Mon. Dieu.


18 thoughts on “L’éveil des sens

  1. Pawsephone has taken on the alarm clock function… she sticks her nose in one’s ear an purrs… Not the worst way to waken, but she can’t tell the difference between weekends, holidays and work days….

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    1. I was going to say “What time does she purr?” but the last sentence indicates that it’s not the time you want … 🤣

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  2. At my age, I wake them up more often than they wake me, dislodging them so I can get up to use the facilities…but at least a lot of comfo9rtinng purring is involved,

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  3. Snoodle hears me stir (if not already on the bed) and walks across/sits on my neck, which is hard to sleep through, even though she is light (although not quite as gossamer-light as Louis)…..And if I’m trying to use my phone she makes sure to place her body between my phone and my face. Every time.

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    1. Haha! Catorze once headbutted my phone, knocking it out of my hand and dropping it onto my face, which then cut my lip. And people think he’s a sweet and loving kitty! It’s funny how they know we’re awake, isn’t it?

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  4. May be seem to think that dawn is the correct time to wake up. This is not an issue in winter. Summer.on the other hand…

    The fact that I don’t work hasn’t sunk into their collective braincells. Nor has being a night owl.

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