Le canapé royal

Cat Daddy has decided that he wants to replace our kitchen sofa with a new leather one. The existing fabric one is perfectly fine, but he is adamant.

The only real flaw I can find is that dust mites are more common in fabric than in leather, making the current sofa less Louis Catorze-compliant. So, much to Cat Daddy’s chagrin, I have been telling anyone who cares – and a fair few who don’t – that he is spending £1,700 on new furniture for the cat.

Cat Daddy isn’t thrilled about this. But he can’t stop me, so tant pis pour lui.

After looking at various sofas online we went to try them out in person at Sofology, where we were served by the lovely Ish. Cat Daddy had his heart set on the untreated, almost-suede look but, because it looked as if it would absorb every drop and spill, I told him that the glossier, finished leather would be better. And Ish agreed with me.

I also pointed out that the untreated finish was quite fabric-like in appearance and feel; Catorze scratches fabric, but never leather.

Ish: “My cat is similar. He scratches all the cheap fabric in my house but not my expensive velvet sofa.”

Me: “YOU HAVE A CAT! What does he look like?”

Ish: “He’s ginger and white. His name is Harchi.”

Me: “Please may I see a picture?”

And that was it for the next few minutes, with talk of our cats and their habits. Fun fact: Ish gives his cat rough play sessions in exactly the same way that Cat Daddy does with Catorze.

Cat Daddy: “ANYWAY. Back to sofas …”

After making our purchase, Ish asked if we were happy with the service that we’d received and told us that he would very much appreciate an online review.

Me: “Well, you showed me a picture of your cat so, straight away, that’s worth a 10.”

Ish: “People who don’t like cats … well … that’s just weird. Don’t you think it’s WEIRD?”

Me: “Yes. Very.”

Our new sofa and matching footstool will be arriving within the next eight weeks, and we will be sure to post some pictures of Boys’ Club taking place on them. I am sorely tempted to also send the pictures to Ish. What do you think?

“Non, Monsieur, I clearly said I wanted the Dakota Brown, not the Utah Grey.”

22 thoughts on “Le canapé royal

  1. You and Ish are absolutely right. My years old finished leather sofa still looks perfectly good. if it had been an unfininshed leather it would have been reall nasty by now. One of the reasons is that it is possible to clean a finished leather properly.

    of course votre Maj won’t care in the least. Just watch out for little claw marks if he’s prone to making ‘biscuits’.

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    1. Yes, our living room ones are proper finished leather, I reckon 15 years old or thereabouts and still looking good despite the fact that we’ve never treated them (oops). They’ve had catty paws, Cat Daddy’s wine spillages and goodness knows what else on them but you’d never know.


  2. Cat furniture! I love that! I’ve avoided leather because I was afraid it would be puncture holes. We have one leather recliner and one of my silly cats likes to climb and sit on the top which is too narrow for that. It resulted in a few punctures until I put a throw over the top. Now she doesn’t come near it anymore.

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    1. That seems to be a common report from fellow cat freaks but, bizarrely, it doesn’t happen here! Catorze prefers carpet and, to a lesser extent, the fabric sofa. He’s not put one claw into the leather ones, ever. 😱


  3. I wish someone would come up with a military grade fabric that can be neither scratched nor chewed, that looks stylish, and that is reasonably priced. Oh wait… Someone did–we purchased a dog bed made out of it. The dog bed survived about one week.

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    1. Hahaha! What happened to it? Cat damage or dog damage? You have enough for quite a lengthy list of suspects. 🕵️‍♂️


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