Animal, végétal ou minéral?

Into every Cat Mamma’s life a little rain must fall. However, sometimes it’s not a little rain; it’s a lot. A full-on hurricane, in fact. With a hefty dose of pollution thrown in. Oh my, this was a bad one.

When Louis Catorze came indoors a couple of mornings ago and settled on my lap, I was dismayed to see what appeared to be a hair on his leg. It did not match mine or Cat Daddy’s. And, judging from its shape and length, it seemed to come from, erm, a body part other than the head.

Oh. Mon. Dieu.

Naturellement I didn’t dare touch it to find out. Before I could give the situation the careful consideration it deserved without making it worse – for instance, sending the hair floating off or, worse, hoovering it up into my nostrils – the little sod had rolled over onto it. And, when he unrolled, it was gone.

What do you mean, “It must have been there somewhere”? It wasn’t. Believe me, I turned the room over – and turned Catorze over – like CSI, but there was no sign of that hair. And Catorze has previous when it comes to making things disappear just to make my life hard. Look here if you don’t believe me.

Now, if you are one of those rare people who own a normal cat, “gadding about with semi-clothed or naked strangers” would be the least likely of things for your cat to do when they leave the house. However: CATORZE. Clearly when Occam was doing his razoring all those years ago, he had never met a cat like him.

Cat Daddy: “Maybe it wasn’t a hair. Maybe it was something from outside.”

Yes. Flower stamens or leaf fibres or whatever else happens to look like body hair. “IT WAS PLANT MATTER” shall now become the mantra that I repeat over and over, in between sitting on the floor and blowing into a paper bag, until I actually start to believe it.

Please let it be this. (Picture from
Please let it be this. (Picture from

19 thoughts on “Animal, végétal ou minéral?

  1. Gosh. I’d like to tell you to stay calm and carry on. But you seem to be carrying n just fine. I really think t could be a piece of plant matter. But watch to see if he brings any more home…

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  2. Believing Cat Daddy’s suggestion is likely to ensure your peace of mind.
    If I were you, I’d choose it, but I’m not in your shoes and I don’t know how I’d react if I were.

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    1. If I had one wish, before even wishing for a lottery win, world peace or more wishes, I would wish for it to be plant matter. 😩

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  3. Silence – Tumbleweeee….. Oh that’s it!! It’s the tumbleweed that you’re always seeing passing by, or an elderly cricket’s leg?? Phew, that’s a relief isn’t it!! 😁

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