Le regard a toujours un but

When Cat Daddy and I met Shadow the black Labrador, her humans told us that she was an expert at seeking out people who had food and giving them the Full Hepburn, playing the convincing part of a starving dog. Her Dog Grandpa repeatedly vows not to fall for her act, yet always gives in.

I told the Dog Parents that Louis Catorze does something similar, except that his creepy staring is a means of bullying, rather than eliciting pity. When I give in and feed him, it’s not “pandering to him” as Cat Daddy often says; I am genuinely fearful.

Catorze, being much smaller than Shadow, is easier to ignore; in fact, if he is right up close to the sofa and I’m leaning back, sometimes it’s a while before I even notice him. However, he has wised up to this, and has moved his efforts from ground level to eye level to increase the intimidation factor:

Yes, those are my knees in the foreground. Yes, all that fluff and crud on them is from his body.

On that note, I’d better go and feed the little sod.

12 thoughts on “Le regard a toujours un but

  1. As there is no cat flap where he lives, in the winter months, our cat has to wait for a doorperson when he wants to come in.
    When nobody appears quickly enough, he can make a noise on the door to draw our attention.

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    1. Hahaha! And I suppose it’s impossible for the doorpeople to know he’s there if he doesn’t scream!


      1. Screaming is useless since we are a bit hard of hearing.
        Actually, he rubs his fore paws against the French window and rather amazingly, he manages to make a noise able to go through the double glazing.

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  2. Aaaawwww poor baby, I totally see it in his eyes, you haven’t fed him in at least a few hours and he’s starving and his sweet little heart can’t understand such cruelty!

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