Louis, avez-vous oublié de prendre vos médicaments?

Louis Catorze was prescribed liquid Gabapentin for pain relief after his dental surgery. The vet told us that we could either put it in his food (nope) or syringe it directly into his mouth (hahahahahaha … NOPE) whenever he looked as if he might be in pain.

Since we haven’t the slightest idea how to know when he is in pain, we decided to blob the liquid onto his body at a random moment that suited us, then wait for him to groom it off. We are still waiting.


Catorze sniffed the area, then sniffed the air around him, then looked at me and at Cat Daddy. And he just sat there. Cat Daddy rubbed the liquid into a long streak down the silly sod’s body, in the hope that this would alert him to the presence of a foreign substance, but to no avail. And why would he care? This is the same individual who comes in from the Zone Libre covered in creatures and matter not even recognised by science, and he doesn’t appear to even NOTICE, let alone give a merde.

Catorze happily sat and let the liquid air-dry on his fur. And, when we blobbed on another few drops, this time onto his paws, he did the same thing. So he’s going about the place sporting unsightly, crusty patches of dried Gabapentin on his fur, having ingested absolutely none of it, yet eating, drinking, purring and screaming perfectly happily.

Maybe he doesn’t need the drugs. But I’m starting to feel that maybe I do.

He looks rough as guts but, trust me, there’s nothing wrong with him.

19 thoughts on “Louis, avez-vous oublié de prendre vos médicaments?

  1. In the first picture there appears to be a brown-colored pattern on his fur. Is that a stain from the meds, just the way the light hit it, or ??????

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  2. Gabapentin is fine for neuropathic pain in us humanoids. I’m not sure you’d get much benefit from it in coping with a shouty Catorze.

    At least with Tabbi Kat I’m not trying to get her to take Gabapentin (it mine all mine). She only needs her Metacam and post-op her sinulox (sp?).

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  3. Gabapentin also works well in cats as a sedative. I had to use it on Harley before I gave him his daily injections for FIP, otherwise I would not be here to tell the tale! But getting it in them, well that’s another story. I admire your inventiveness. He looks pretty chilled, guess he a) didn’t need it and is b) satisfied he wound you up xx

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  4. Poor baby, he does look like he’s had a rough day 😦 Thankfully, Miss Penny allowed me to mix the Gabapentin with her food every morning and evening. I don’t think she would have licked it from her fur either. Big kiss to the King 🙂

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  5. My senior dog takes liquid gabapentin and it tastes bitter and nasty. I always give her a treat afterwards to cleanse the pallet, but she is still not all that thrilled. There is a reason Louis will not lick it off! You taste it and let me know what you think.

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    1. He did eventually lick a small amount, but luckily he doesn’t seem to need pain relief. I’m not surprised that it tastes foul!

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