Le beau voyou

Louis Catorze had his dental surgery on Tuesday. He came home that evening sporting some impressive bald patches on his arms, like a prison gang leader with not one but two tattoo sleeves. And, according to Cat Daddy, Catorze lived up to that in the waiting room at check-out time, by making a dog, who had been impeccably behaved up to that point, go absolutely ballistic. Catorze didn’t even make a sound; just being there was enough. The dog’s human was absolutely mortified, but Cat Daddy reassured her that we’d been there many times with many dogs, and that it really wasn’t their fault.

“Soit à table, soit au menu.”

In the end, just one – ONE – small incisor was removed. This is great news because it means that Catorze has been able to keep his famous fangs. But what a drama over one tooth. I spent vast swathes of time, which I will never be able to get back, cutting up his soft food into pieces so minuscule that a baby ant could have swallowed them, and I probably didn’t need to. In fact, now that I think of it, since he was able to hunt, he should have been perfectly capable of chewing a couple of pieces of fish.

The little sod is subdued, and eerily silent; he didn’t utter a sound on the way back from the veterinary practice, and he only managed one feeble wheeze when he arrived. And, despite the fact that Cat Daddy was the one who bundled him into a bag and left him at his least favourite place in the world, he has sat on his papa’s lap but refused to sit on mine. Still, he’s eating and drinking. In fact, now that we have identified his favourite of the Cool Cat Club foods*, we have brought forward our next shipment with a few extra packs of them.

*Catorze especially loves the cod and salmon trays, which have the texture of pâté and which can be guzzled down easily even with hurty and/or no teeth.

Cat Daddy and I had plans to visit my sister and her family this weekend, but we don’t want to leave Sa Maj with a chat-sitteur right after his surgery. So he is in for a double treat: I shall be going away on my own, whilst the gentlemen of the household remain here for a well-deserved, weekend-long Boys’ Club. I have even persuaded Cat Daddy to let Catorze join him in bed, something he usually hates “because it’s like being in bed with a rat” (?).

Thank you again for your good wishes. And, yes, I will be asking Cat Daddy how he knows what it feels like to be in bed with a rat.

29 thoughts on “Le beau voyou

  1. Our kitty who had all his teeth removed can still eat crunchy food and treats. The vets said that is not unusual.
    Glad he came through it all ok. It will be interesting to hear the tales coming from Boys Weekend.

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  2. Oh dear, sometimes I don’t think Cat Daddy thinks his comments through, what if Louis heard and wants to teach Daddy a lesson and went and caught a rat and put it in Daddy’s bed with him?!!

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  3. Glad he’s come through the tooth removal in one piece.

    I think that we need to know why CD knows what it’s like to be in bed with a rat.

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  4. Glad to read Louis is ok! I was thinking about him yesterday…
    That screenshot on your tv, is this from the Tim Burton ‘Wednesday’ serie on Netflix? Love that show a lot!

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    1. Merci! He is back to “normal” now, screaming, gadding about and refusing all efforts to give him pain relief.


  5. Methinks that Catorze is eerily aware of his powers, as evinced by (amoung other things) driving the poor dog batshit as he himself remains smugly calm…🤔 Glad he’s ok!

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