Le chat qui meugle (Partie 2)

The last time that Cat Daddy enjoyed a drunken Boys’ Club, he adapted an existing Manchester United football chant to make it about Louis Catorze, and it went as follows:

“Hello, hello, we are the Louis boys. Hello, hello, we are the Louis boys. If you are a doggie fan, surrender or you die. We all follow Catorrrrrze!”

If you happen to be one of the two or three people on the planet who care what the original version was like, substitute “Busby” for “Louis”, “City” for “doggie” and “United” for “Catorze”. (And, yes, I realise that that last one doesn’t fit.) Neither Manchester United nor Manchester City even played on that day, nor does Cat Daddy support either club, so I have no idea why he would have thought to do this.

Cat Daddy: “Are you feeling the love, Louis-boy?”

Catorze: “Mooo!”

[Silence, tumbleweed, crickets.]

Me: “Did he just …?”

He did.

Did we catch it on video?

We did not.

Sadly, unless I were to turn Le Château into the Big Brother house and have cameras on Catorze at all times, the chances of me ever catching the moo on film remain zero. Le moo royal will become like a Cthulhu or a manticore, a thing of myth and legend, retold to future generations but with believers becoming the object of ridicule.

However, we all know the truth, don’t you? We may not have actual evidence, but the eight years spent documenting other Catorzian atrocities/absurdities go SOME way to making me a credible witness, non?

A typical Boys’ Club tail hug.

15 thoughts on “Le chat qui meugle (Partie 2)

    1. I am torn on this one. Part of me thinks there would be no point, since it absolutely won’t happen again if I’m filming. But, also, I am scared about what else I might uncover … 👻

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  1. 😂😂😂 Never a dull moment in your house and I must admit that if it were me I’d have the Ringo’s everywhere indoors. Alice has one out in her bunny shed, well more a palace actually with an upstairs large enough for 4 year old Violet to climb the ramp and sit with her bunny! When I looked after their ailing and ageing guinea-pig back in the summer I put my Echo on the side of the cage with the camera on, so that Violet could drop in on him and also talk to him to lessen the sadness. Thing was Merlot, a great guinea-pig lover, and I nursed him back to final blast of healthy piggyness and so he returned home for his last few weeks and I missed him! Oh that reminds me, I didn’t find the videos of Merlot and friends, I think it was you who asked to see them?! I’d love to see videos of Catorze, I think many of his followers would!

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    1. There are a few videos of Catorze on Le Blog but not many. I’ll send you a couple of his screaming ones via Facebook Messenger although be careful what you wish for!


    1. Oh dear, really? That’s when I changed the domain name, but you should still keep getting emails. Let me know your email address and I’ll see if I can sign you up again.


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