Le sérum magique

Serum: magical hair product of the gods, but woe betide you should you spill any.

Spilling a small amount is bad enough because this stuff, despite being transparent, is like a thick, oily tar that repels water, detergent and cleaning apparatuses (apparati?). It perma-coats every surface that it touches, and no amount of scrubbing will ever get rid of it. However, knocking over a 150ml* bottle without realising that the lid is loose, and giving the insidious drip of doom a head start of several hours before noticing it, is just about as bad as it can be.

*Oui, Mesdames et Messieurs, the standard size of these products is around 50ml but, of course, I had to seek out the monster, maximum-damage bottle.

When I discovered this catastrophe all over the bathroom cabinet and on the floor, naturellement my first instinct was to reach for the toilet paper to wipe it up. However, it simply glanced the surface of the mess and, if anything, spread it around and made it worse. I then called to Cat Daddy to bring me some sturdier kitchen towel and some severe spray cleaner – I was unable to fetch it myself since my hands were greasy – and, although this made some difference, it was a long time before I had even made a slight dent in the viscous, oily puddle that had formed on the bathroom floor.

That evening, as we watched the football on television, we remarked on Louis Catorze’s absence and assumed him to be out in the Zone Libre bothering the local wildlife. However, when bedtime came and there was still no sign of him, we started to wonder what had happened. We even checked out at The Front, but he wasn’t there.

Just before going to bed, Cat Daddy found the little sod in the attic. And, since we’d had the football on at full volume, we hadn’t heard him screaming.

Because it had taken me so much longer than expected to half-clean the hair serum oil slick, Cat Daddy wasn’t able to use the bathroom so he’d had to use the attic en suite instead. Catorze had dutifully followed his papa, using his Cloak of Invisibility, and Cat Daddy, not realising he was there, had shut him in as he’d left.

Catorze recovered from his trauma and, after cuddling me in bed for a short while, was straight out in the Zone Libre. And the moral of this tale of woe is, surely, to trust neither hair serum nor cats.

This is most likely where he hid to evade capture.

12 thoughts on “Le sérum magique

    1. It’s the absolute worst, isn’t it? Thick and gelatinous, repelling water like no other substance I’ve ever seen.


  1. I don’t know if Dawn Dishwashing Liquid is available in the U.K. It’s so effective on grease/oil that it’s used to bathe waterfowl after oil spills in bodies of water yet will not harm animals. Or you can try isopropyl alcohol. It cuts through slimy messes on nonwood floors but may damage furniture finishes.

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  2. Is this what Rudy Giuliani was wearing at the press conference when his hair began to leak down his face ? At least Catorze didn’t get covered with it (which is where we thought this was going…)

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    1. Frankly I am stunned that he didn’t get covered in it! It would never have come off. And, no, Guiliani’s hair pomade or whatever it was was nowhere near as hard-wearing as serum. Serum would have held itself in place for much longer!


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