Manger, c’est la vie

It has been a week of food-related drama here at Le Château, caused by the males in the household.

Cat Daddy came home drunk the other night after going to the rugby, and he refused the pasta I was making on the basis that he was “not sober enough to appreciate it”. I stopped preparing it and put everything away, only to have him then say, “Where’s the pasta you promised me?” So I dragged the pasta paraphernalia out again, continued where I had left off and, three minutes before it was ready, Cat Daddy announced that he would rather have cheese on toast instead. At that point I lost patience with him and said, “I AM MAKING PASTA. YOU WILL EAT IT. AND YOU WILL SAY THANK YOU FOR IT.”

Meanwhile, Louis Catorze has been making a dreadful mess with his food again, and licking his lips excessively after eating. When I gave him a fresh serving of food last week, he ate about two pellets and creepy-stared at me. I then sprinkled some hot water onto his food, and he wolfed down the lot.


If you weren’t around the last time this happened, it means that something is very likely to be wrong with his teeth.

And if you WERE around the last time this happened, you will know that Catorze only eats the watered food if it’s daisy-fresh. If it’s too cold, too dry, too damp, too stale or [insert other bizarre and/or unfathomable reason for rejecting top-notch, expensive food], he won’t eat it and, instead, creepy-stares for a new portion. I daren’t even think about how much we have thrown away because it hasn’t met his stratospherically high expectations. It’s been maddening for us but, as always, this hasn’t dented his spirit in the slightest; Catorze has still been well enough to annoy the absolute merde out of a (male, of course) visitor to Le Château who happens to be allergic to cats. Apparently the screaming and bullying were so bad that Cat Daddy was forced to apologise.

Le Roi is booked in for X-rays and (possibly) dental surgery the week after next. I know. I can’t believe we are back here again, either.

Please get better, little sod.

34 thoughts on “Manger, c’est la vie

  1. Well, we send some healing purrayers to Le Roi. Hopefully by the time of his appointment he will be all better…
    The male visitor was human and not another cat ? That is unusual.

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    1. Goodness me! I can just hear Cat Daddy’s voice saying, “You SEE? They ruin our lives!” How is Gracie getting on? What sort of food does she have?

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  2. I sure hope he doesn’t need a tooth extraction. I am always happy when my wife makes dinner, which used to be all the time but now it is rare. Then and now, I eat what she makes, thank her, and tell her how delicious it is.

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    1. I’m pretty sure a tooth extraction will be required. The signs are exactly the same as the last time, except with more licking of the lips. Poor Catorze. As for Cat Daddy, he will be making his own food next time.

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    1. He is a demanding king indeed! I fear that he will need an extraction, although we would prefer that to being told nothing is wrong (when it clearly is).


  3. Poor Catorze. I’m sure the little darling will be fine, so long as they don’t take the fangs. How can a vampire kitty survive with no fangs?

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        1. He’s had five out already. He has that FORL thing so the problem is most likely going to keep coming back.


  4. Oh the dramas of the food, if it were me cat daddy would be wearing the pasta and for Louis, well, I can only give sympathy to you because I have similar dramas with Merlot, eating his grated chewstick off the food and leaving the wet food (yes I have to grate his skinny long chews and sprinkle over his food otherwise he just stares from me to the food like WTF you think this is) then I have to defrost a couple of very small pieces of chicken and break that up, if that’s rejected then the final thing I try is a very crumbled piece of ham… After this fiasco if its rejected again I have to tolerate the smell of it on his food mat ON MY SOFA, if this is ignored and I don’t have the stomach to put my fingers in it and hand feed it to him the only place it can go is down the loo with me wretching trying to get the food from under my fingernails!! So you can see you’re getting off rather lightly! Hope he’s just having a post festivity rest for his tummy and that he’s back to ‘normal’ very quickly for you. If Merlot is sickening for something I can always tell as as soon as he gets out the door he heads for the forget me nits and tries to eat them which are toxic to him…. Shakes head shrugs shoulders, we live in the country with acres of fresh grass in all directions and he wants forget me nots!! ☠️😲😩

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      1. He remembers exactly where they are in the many sections of flower beds around our building, it’s the leaves and there are those little clumps of it everywhere. His obsession started when my daughter Kitty moved to a house with no gravel instead of grass, the flower beds were quite wild and beautiful and it was like a wilderness for his little chihuahua body. He used to seek out any nice juicy little clumps of weeds among the plants but to my horror I couldn’t find him one day and when I did he was happily eating the f-me-n leaves. He’s never had any ill effect either although obviously I stop him, when we’re walking in our car park he pulls as hard as he can trying to get them and even tries slipping his harness, I’m thinking they must be like the cocaine of the dog world and he has a craving for them. Just been out at 1am and he discovered a new patch 😩

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