L’iglou est de retour

I have been bouncing around the house singing “The Heat Is On” by Glen Frey (younger followers: ask your parents) because Cat Daddy has finally relented and erm, turned the heating on. I am trying not to think about how much it’s costing, but at least I don’t have to keep picking frost off my eyelashes.

And, as if by magic, Louis Catorze has rediscovered his igloo. The fact that it’s right next to the radiator is purely a coincidence.

Selfishly, I miss the little sod; I enjoy our morning routine of sitting in the living room, reading a book, with him sleeping on my lap. But Cat Daddy is delighted because it gives him some peace. And it means we will know where Catorze is when it’s time to take him to the vet on the 19th (yes, I have booked him a precautionary festive appointment, because something is bound to go wrong).

Anyway, Catorze’s igloo residency has officially begun. And this is where he will be for the next few weeks months:

He won’t be moving. Not even if the place is on fire.

15 thoughts on “L’iglou est de retour

  1. Hot tip from my sister (because she’s the one who plays taxi for KitKat and has to catch her first): use the igloo as a trap.

    She chases KitKat across the house and back (unless I remind her to close doors first, but then I wouldn’t get to enjoy the Benny Hill skit that ensues), and eventually KitKat takes shelter in the cave that’s stuffed onto the bottom shelf of a bookcase on the far side of my bed (which might as well be the far side of the moon for all its accessibility).

    My sister, in a stroke of harried genius the first time and probably muscle memory ever since, pinches the entrance of the cave closed so KitKat can’t escape it, then drags the lot (cat and cave and half the shelf, too, sometimes) into my lap so I can “deal with your cat”.

    It actually makes capturing the wriggly, slithering little hooligans much easier, although you then still have to find a way to stuff them into a proper carrier because, obviously, you can’t drive and keep the cat contained at the same time…

    This has happened enough times that I honestly think KitKat has decided that this is how she’ll deign to let us give her a check-up. (She’s smart enough and remembers well enough that she can’t just have forgotten the past few incidents, and yet she still ends up in the same place as if she’s waiting for her Aunt Taxi, who she won’t let near her otherwise, to catch up with her.)

    His Maj, on the other hand, will probably forget between captures, but that can only be a good thing. ;D

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    1. Cat Daddy has been known to pick up the igloo and shake Catorze straight into the transportation pod. It works, although the little shit hangs on in there with his claws and does his utmost not to be removed. 😬

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      1. 😂 😂 😂 Can’t say as I blame His Maj, honestly. Even if he forgets WHY this is happening (so he’s not worried just yet about the vet), it must feel like a tsunami or an earthquake to them!

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  2. We have a yurt. Same as your igloo just a different shape. It was loved by the smaller cats. Now I have 3 that don’t fit. Gus can get his back end in but his front end hangs out so he gave up completely. Gracie (at 8 lbs.) can get in there but prefers an enclosed tunnel.

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      1. Gus was 14 lbs. last time I weighed him but he may have gained another lbs. Life is good for him here. There isn’t enough of him that gets in to curl up. No one else seems interested. The yurt was definitely a Mollie thing when she was alive. I had 2 and gave one to a rescue.

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