Le coussin royal (Partie 2)

Remember how much Louis Catorze loves our expensive cushions? Well, it seems he’s keen to spread his love to all cushions, not just expensive ones. This was how I found him yesterday:

What the actual WHAT?

He has never shown any interest in this cushion in all the years we’ve had it sitting flat on the sofa. However, having it hanging precariously on the edge of the table, ready to drop off at the slightest move, has proven too much to resist. So much for cats sleeping in places where they feel safe.

We will never understand this beast. But then they’re all a bit wayward and unhinged, aren’t they?

20 thoughts on “Le coussin royal (Partie 2)

  1. They do like to sleep in odd….uncomfortable places don’t they.
    Recently I was looking after my friend’s cat, Harry. We play mahjong weekly, so the set is sometimes not put away completely, or it’s ready for the games. Harry loves to lie on the black cloth ( It highlights his beautiful orange coat) or on the tiles….
    (I’d love to add a couple of photos here, but I’m not sure how to add them)

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    1. Maybe the tiles offer a kind of massage, like those beaded car seat covers that people used in the 1970s.


      1. Hadn’t thought of that! Maybe between games I’ll check it out as a massage cushion.. 😉
        ( I’ll report back….if Harry is off it long enough)

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