Le coussin royal

What was I saying in my last-but-one post? Something about spending money on a fancy cat bed, only to have the little sod prefer the cardboard box that packaged the bed?

What could possibly be more annoying than that?

THIS, that’s what:

Oh. I see.

Le Roi has taken the concept one step further by taking something expensive which we bought for ourselves as a treat, and claiming it as his.

His new favourite sleeping spot is one of the Harris tweed cushions that we bought in the Outer Hebrides. These things cost a lot of money, on account of being handmade, and Cat Daddy and I obviously understand what goes into a handmade piece and why independent craftspeople place such value upon the items that they create. But Catorze clearly doesn’t. Or perhaps he does, but he places just as much value on himself and believes this to be an absolutely fitting bed for him.

Catorze loves his igloo so much that we know he well return to it soon. But not before stringing this one out for as long as possible, just because.

35 thoughts on “Le coussin royal

  1. I’m sure that you expected nothing different to what has happened. It is standard cat behaviour, even if le roi is not a normal cat.

    Now had you bought an expensive handmade cushion for him it would be yours to use as you will.

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  2. You can’t call a cat Louis Catorze and then blame him for having royal needs and expensive taste 🙂 Next time you have a cat, call him Tom Sawyer and see how that goes 😆

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