Le thé royal

You know that old cliché about spending time, effort and money on a fancy cat bed, only to have the little sod prefer the cardboard box that packaged the bed? Over the years Louis Catorze has been lucky enough to receive many fabulous toys from various friends, pilgrims and well-wishers. However, his new favourite thing is, erm, a teabag.

In the past, when I’ve made a pot of teapigs Calm tea, Catorze’s head has spun around like Regan in The Exorcist (younger followers: ask your grandparents) as he’s tried to find the source of the smell. The tea contains valerian, which is absolutely vile to the human nose but cats can’t resist it. To them, it’s like Chanel No.5 and crystal meth combined.

A few days ago, when I made another pot of Calm tea, he came and creepy-stared by my feet. He didn’t want food. He wanted valerian.

This isn’t the greatest picture as Catorze was moving, but you can see the most important elements: the teabag, the chat noir shape and, of course, the trademark fang. And, no, we did not make tea with the teabag afterwards, although I know many cat freaks who would (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE).

Cat toys: why bother? No, seriously … why?

36 thoughts on “Le thé royal

    1. It would, but still! The idea of Catorze’s spit on the teabag, boiled or not, would be too much for me!


  1. Valerian smells like nasty gym socks to us but they seem to love it. Its effective but it stinks! Valerian gave us valium. Imagine how the world would smell if the drug carried the same stinky side effect as the herb. 🤢

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    1. I remember putting some valerian root into my basket in a health food shop, and repeatedly checking under my shoes because I thought I’d stepped in something!

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  2. Valerian mixed with catnip equals heroin for cats. Me? I’ll just stick with valium.

    As relaxed as I am about cats’ tongues on the butter for example, even I won’t make tea with a teabag that’s been dragged around the floor and drooled on. I’ll leave that to others.

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  3. Jasper will sit by our (usually left open) tea bag box and fish out tea bags to play with. I have never actually checked if he chooses specific types of teabag from the variety within. I should look next time he grabs one.

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  4. I have to share my Haagen Dazs ice cream bar with Miss Penny (only the vanilla part, not the chocolate) otherwise I’d be dead and eaten (by her) by now, she ferocious! I didn’t know about Valerian but I’ll check in the tea aisle next time, lol!

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