En vie et en forme

I am at that in-between stage of testing negative and being just about well enough to go back to school, yet still feeling run-down and exhausted. And, bizarrely, the most lingering of my Covid symptoms is that I am craving salt in all its forms. Cheese, crisps, salted nuts, even pure grains of salt twisted straight from the shaker into my mouth, whatever … just give me ALL THE SALT.

Naturellement, Louis Catorze has decided that now is a good time to demand non-stop play.

I found this out when he creepy-stared at me one morning, at a time when I knew that his bowl and his water were full, and I was already in his favourite room. So it couldn’t possibly be any of those things. When I couldn’t stand it anymore and shuffled around to get up, taking longer than usual on account of being slow and ill, the little sod went to the other sofa, looked underneath it, then stared at me again.

It turned out that he’d flicked his toy under the sofa and couldn’t reach it. Of course, when I retrieved it for him, again taking an unacceptably long time, he didn’t want it anymore and, instead, wanted to play with his pink tassel on a string.

I have pointed out the following to him:

1. I am not well.

2. It’s autumn, so most normal cats are calming the heck down and spending more time sleeping.

3. He’s an old boy, so he should be calming the heck down and spending more time sleeping.

Each point was met with a non-committal “Mwah” and he continued to play. And, like a complete idiot, I continued to engage with it.

At least the little sod is full of energy and enjoying life. I wish I could say the same of myself.

EDIT: Cat Daddy has now tested positive. And so the cirque de merde continues.

Enjoying a lovely autumn sunset in true Catorzian style.

19 thoughts on “En vie et en forme

  1. Glad you mentioned it was a CATORZIAN sunset…I was afraid a lake monster had suddenly appeared in your neighborhood…summoned by Louis of course.

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  2. Our cat Timon carries on asking me to go play with him outside, but it is far from being « non-stop play ».
    In the evening, he is used to vanishing after a short while, and I’m left by myself in the dark.
    I do hope Cat Daddy is still feeling more or less ok,

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      1. Actually, he is busy all day long.
        Yesterday, he entered our place with his friend Peter. As I hadn’t seen the latter when I closed the door, you can easily understand that I was very surprised when I heard the two of them making weird noises inside.

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  3. Awww, I hope you two will be feeling much better very soon! Miss Penny has a new unfortunate habit: she wakes me up at 4am, 4:30am, 5am, 5:30am (by which time I usually give up) just because she wants cuddles. NOT in my arms of course. Just a few kisses, une petite caresse, and she’s back to sleeping. I, of course, take much longer to get back to sleep and barely sleep 10 minutes before she wakes me up again, just for a cuddle… Sigh… What wouldn’t we do for our furry old kitties…

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  4. I look forward to my Louis ‘fix’, you write with love for your subject – and great humour.
    I hope you are feeling bettet.

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