Froid comme la glace

It’s December. And Le Château is a bit chilly.

Obviously, under such circumstances, most normal people would put the heating on but, these days, a quick thirty-minute blast of the central heating would probably cost us £250.

Having Louis Catorze on my lap or on my bed, even though he is smaller than most hot water bottles, provides great warmth. And, if I want an extra little burst of even warmer warmth, I put my hand on his bald spot. Yes, it’s still there, and so far we’ve only had about twelve hairs grow back. But that thing radiates heat like the surface of the sun, hopefully because of its lack of insulating fur and not because anything malignant is simmering away below the surface.

In terms of warmth, Catorze is a pleasant little bonus. It’s just a shame that anything he saves us on heating is offset by the preposterous amounts of money that we spend on his Orijen and private healthcare.

In any case, he thinks he is doing us a favour by keeping us warm. And this is the face that he gives me when he sees my hand coming for his bald patch:

Its resemblance to a heart is purely a trick of the camera. In real life, it’s not so charming.

23 thoughts on “Froid comme la glace

  1. Today’s post doesn’t sound really embellished. Although Timon is bigger than Louis, we put the heating on despite its cost.
    By the way, Louis is very photogenic. I like all the pictures you post.

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    1. Merci! I find it hard to take photos of him because he doesn’t pose properly for me. He does for other people, of course!

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  2. Black cats are hard to photograph, but he’s so beautiful 🙂 30 minutes of heat does cost me $250 here, too, and Miss Penny does not sit on my lap, so I guess we’ll just have to eat pasta and expensive cat food all winter!

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  3. It’s time here, too, for a kitty warmer! That and lots of blankets help keep me comfortable so I don’t use too much electric heating energy. Stay warm and give Louis Catorze an extra ration of kitty treats to make up that extra energy he gives off keeping you warm!

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