Louis, il fait froid dehors

Louis Catorze is ready for the festive season. Now, you wouldn’t expect this of a black cat with vampire fangs, but we know it to be true because, when we invited Family Next Door over for a pre-Noël lunch at the weekend, the little sod pitter-pattered into the dining room and let out the maman of all screams.

Baby Next Door: [Lots of delighted shrieking, bouncing and arm-waving in her high chair when she caught sight of Sa Maj]

Daughter Next Door: “Louis!”

Cat Daddy: “Oh, was that him? I thought it was part of the music.”

Yup, Andy Williams or Dean Martin or whoever it was whose Christmas song we were listening to at the time, really missed a trick by not having screaming felines as backing vocalists.

In other news, it’s very cold now. I, of course, love this, because it feels like proper winter rather than our country’s usual tepid, damp-weather greyness, but I’m worried about Catorze and the heat escaping from his bald patch. Oui, Mesdames et Messieurs, it’s still here.

A few nights ago, when it was especially cold, Cat Daddy opened the front door to put some recycling out and, whereas Catorze’s usual trick is to bolt out, this time he bolted IN. Yes, he had been out there for a good couple of hours, with heat gushing from that spot like steam from a pie funnel (younger followers: ask your grandparents). No, we had no idea he was out at The Front.

Temperatures are set to drop even further this week, so it’s not a great time to be a cat with a hole in his fur. Let’s hope that it grows back soon, before we have to start considering a (very small) Christmas jumper for him.

Holey shit.

22 thoughts on “Louis, il fait froid dehors

  1. The thought of you and CD getting SaMaj into a jumper (that’s a sweater over here in the Colonies, eh ?) presents a certain mental picture. Don’t know if I’d want to see it or not.

    At least the kids next door were delighted to see him.

    (N.B. Over here they are known as “pie birds” – made of pottery in the shape of a blackbird (as if “baked in a pie”) Many can still be found in Gramma’s cupboards, Some are just cone-shaped – like a small volcano.

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    1. Pie funnels are quite a rarity here these days, as people seem to favour just cutting a cross in pastry to let the steam out. Not as much fun as a pie funnel, but never mind.

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      1. I have two (of course I would) one bird shaped and one funnel shaped.

        His bald patch will regrow just in time for the next heatwave.

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  2. Even if I would be delighted to see Louis wearing a Christmas jumper, I’m not sure he will agree with keeping it on.
    Perhaps you might open the bets on how many minutes (seconds?) he will keep the jumper on and give the profit to your favorite charity.

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    1. You joke about this BUT … a few years ago, when the silly sod was attacking his own tail, I coloured the exposed skin with some organic mascara because I thought perhaps he was mistaking the white for a tick. 😳 If you search for “mascara” in Le Blog, you will find the whole tragic story.

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        1. Ah, that’s because I changed the domain name from mine to Catorze’s! Hopefully if you go to louiscatorze.com it should still work?

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    1. We did try to put him in, erm, a gymnastics jumpsuit once. It didn’t work. Our attempt lasted about 4 seconds before we gave up.

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