Appelle autant que tu veux mais il n’y a personne à la maison

Louis Catorze just sat on Cat Daddy’s lap, right on top of his phone. So we did the only sensible thing we could under the circumstances: call Cat Daddy’s phone from my phone, to see what would happen.

Naturellement this led to various inappropriate comments from Cat Daddy regarding, erm, the vibration of the phone underneath Catorze’s rear end. None of these comments are repeatable here (or anywhere, come to think of it).

The things we learned from this very funny experiment were as follows:

1. You can’t make a phone call and record a video at the same time, however much you may want to.

2. Catorze is weirder than we thought: his eyes widened, and his tail swished around (not good when normal cats do it, but a sign of happiness for him), yet he DID NOT MOVE.

In an ideal world I would be posting a video of this, but sadly this won’t be possible unless, next time, we were to convince a third party to come along with their phone. So you will just have to take our word for it when we say that this is the face that Catorze gave us:

An old photo of unspecified Catorzian outrage.

18 thoughts on “Appelle autant que tu veux mais il n’y a personne à la maison

    1. He was zapped dans les fesses! And he didn’t really care. Well, he did care, but not enough to move.


    1. He might have slid the phone out from the unmentionable area to answer, yet. Luckily it was under the rump and not the, erm, exit route.

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