Le renard et la panthère

Not long ago, we spotted this fine gentleman in the Zone Libre:

Foxy Loxy.

The fox stared at us, motionless. And, in the time it took us to debate whether or not to supervise Louis Catorze in his outdoor jaunts that evening, the little sod had slipped through the hole in the fence and out into the Zone Libre.

For a few seconds, Cat Daddy and I stopped breathing.

Catorze and the fox locked eyes, then Catorze decided he was … bored. Yes, bored. He yawned a little, then looked around at the scenery and had a little wash.

After seeing that neither party intended to move, and that Catorze was neither traumatised nor looking for a fight, we left them to it (but kept the bifold doors wide open, just in case). Catorze remained there until darkness fell, then casually strolled in, ate a few pellets of Orijen and went back out again. He didn’t even give the square root of a merde that the Zone Libre contained one visible predator plus any number of concealed ones.

What on earth is he thinking? Why isn’t he scared? Should we be concerned about the fact that he isn’t scared? We have many questions although we suspect that, even if he were able to answer them, he still wouldn’t.

Meanwhile, he is just going about his business as usual and living his best life.

Pretending to sleep but secretly planning more Zone Libre shenanigans.

19 thoughts on “Le renard et la panthère

  1. It’s obvious. Louis has absorbed the take on life of his namesake and has inscribed on his claws “ulitma ratio regnum”, if he starts meowing about forming a Triple Alliance you’ll know you are in serious trouble.

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  2. Don’t forget Louis is French. Who knows, perhaps his mother read him « L e Petit Prince » by Saint-Exupéry when he was a kitten and now he would like Foxy Loxy becomes his friend.

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  3. I always say, ‘Live and let live’ and ”I’m a writer, not a fighter’. Looks like Louis thinks the same… He looks very comfy in that photograph…

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  4. My ex-flatmate’s cat, Pi, did that a few times – just sitting on the patio in full view, washing paws and being…careful, I guess, but not giving any sign of fear, and there was no direct interaction between her and the fox. I think we decided she was just letting Foxy know she was there!

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    1. This is very true! And I think he knows that, even if we peasants were to revolt, his occultist powers would save him where other French kings got the chop. 🌞 👑

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  5. My outdoor cats are very nonchalant about any possums that appear, but suitably leery of any raccoons . When the neighbor’s pit bulls charge across the road they take to the trees. “Discretion is the better part of valor.”

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