L’ambroisie du Roi

Merci à Dieu et à tous ses anges: after a few months of being out of stock, Louis Catorze’s Orijen is back.

Cat Daddy opened a new pack the other day and, for the first time in ages, the little sod wolfed down a whole scoop, without leaving a single crumb. Cat Daddy, assuming I hadn’t fed him that morning (I had), served two more scoops, which were promptly eaten. Later that evening Cat Daddy put down an extra generous scoop to keep Catorze going whilst we were out for dinner, and he wolfed that down, too.

Cat Daddy: “I think he likes it better when it’s a freshly-opened pack. Maybe we should buy smaller packs more often? This one is designed for people who have, like, ten cats.”

This probably makes sense; anything that results in fewer Catorzian rejections, and therefore less food waste, is fine by me. However – and you knew that there would be a “however”, didn’t you? – the smaller pack isn’t such good value for money. At a nose-bleeding £20.55 per kg, the 340g pack costs almost £4 per kg more than our already-expensive regular 1.8kg pack.

Cat Daddy: “[Unrepeatable Expletives of the Worst Kind]”

I once said that the only thing more expensive than Orijen was more Orijen. I was wrong: the only thing more expensive than Orijen is LESS Orijen. But as long as the Dark King is happy, we should be able to hold off the apocalypse for a short while longer.

“Feed moi.”

22 thoughts on “L’ambroisie du Roi

  1. If it’s a dry food, I decant the larger bag into smaller sealable plastic containers. Rather than leave a 20 # bag of sunflower seed open, I decant it into clean litter jugs, for instance.

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    1. It is, indeed, dry food. We already decant it into a clip-top coffee jar to keep it fresh, which is better than repeatedly opening and closing the pack (especially as the pack doesn’t seal that well) but this is still not quite good enough for Sa Maj. 🙄


  2. Many cats prefer when their food come from a freshly-opened pack.
    Ours is luckier than Louis. Every now and then, he manages to invite his ginger friend to empty his plate when the menu no longer suits him.

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    1. Actually, it’s kind of a joke. When there is some food left in our cat’s plate, I’m accustomed to telling him he’d better invite Rourou to eat it if he wants some new.
      As the latter enters our place randomly, I’m not sure our cat understands me better than yours.

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  3. I always buy the smallest packs possible. Ok, it will be probably more expensive than buying a 4 kg pack. Of course, when buying chocolate for myself I don’t follow that rule… 🙂

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  4. I just thought of something: warm food has a stronger smell than cold food, so maybe your beautiful Louis is losing his sense of smell and that’s why he eats his food when you pour hot water on it. I thought about that because Miss Penny does love her first portion more, because the can comes from the drawer, and with the other portions, the can is stored in the fridge, so she never eats it right away but waits until it’s at room temperature. Sometimes I help her a bit by mixing a few teaspoons of hot water to her food. It’s a question of smell.

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    1. Losing his sense of smell! Awww! I suppose I forget that he’s getting old, because he still looks like a sprightly young kitten of a year old. That would make perfect sense! I wondered if it might be a heat thing, and I am interested to see if he still wants the boiling water even in the middle of summer … 🤔

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  5. Our cats do not fuss about the age of their kibble, but they go through it quickly, given their numbers. So perhaps you should adopt a few siblings for Catorze so that you can purchase the larger, more economical bags of Orijen?

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