Décanter la nourriture royale

Anyone who buys large packs of dried pet food will know that repeatedly opening the pack lets in air and makes the contents stale. And, because our mutual friend is extremely fussy and refuses food if it’s been sitting around for a while (plus a multitude of other reasons), this simply will not do.

Until now we have always decanted some of his Orijen from the large pack into a smaller one, after finding out that the original packaging is apparently the best thing for keeping food daisy-fresh. We would refill this small pack from the main one as required, sealing it with one of Cat Daddy’s Edinson Cavani hairbands.

Not much left. Time to decant.

However, the passage of time and all the multiple openings and closings per day took their toll on the small pack, and the metallic foil inner lining started to crack and flake.

We didn’t want to add foil poisoning to the long list of Roi problems, so I sought the advice of members of the Cat Internet to find a suitable decanting vessel. And not only were they prompt in their replies, but it was very interesting to hear about the various cat food accessories that they use. Tins, dispensers, jars, snazzy clip things, fancy brand names that I’d never heard of … it’s all going on with the good folk of the Cat Internet. Only one of their merry band uses the original pack sans accoutrements and doesn’t bother to even close it properly – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE – but then she has a cat who would happily eat toxic waste and decaying roadkill, so stale food isn’t really an issue.

As a result of the helpful replies, I was inspired to buy this fancy dispenser (below), which is made of food-grade stainless steel. It took a little while to arrive because it came from China, but it’s finally here, and even comes with its own scoop so I will no longer have to use my hands. Although the scoop looks tiny, it serves exactly the right amount for one Catorzian “little and often” portion.

It says “coffee” on top, but luckily Catorze can’t read.

I know. Very fitting for a Sun King, non?

And look how happy Cat Daddy is to finally have his hairband back:

Très chic.

10 thoughts on “Décanter la nourriture royale

  1. Geez, I don’t know…products from China are routinely suspect…I guess since it’s not the food itself…And you got the recommendation from a reliable cat purrson.

    Some weeks ago I included a link about a cat food recall in the UK . I have since read that the powers that be have said that the cat food was not the cause of the condition in cats (polycythemia ?). Don’t know if I would rush out and buy that food anyway though , but just wanted to be fair about it.

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    1. Yes, luckily they food recalled is nothing we have. That said, it wasn’t low-end junk either so a bit worrying.


  2. Having cats enough to quickly empty large packs of food sounds like another solution.
    Have you already asked Louis whether he doesn’t feel like having some comrades to share his food with?

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    1. I used to think he would like having some comrades, but he is getting grumpier as he gets older so now I’m thinking maybe not. 🤔


  3. Your container is coffee sized. I use a much larger flour sized one although my cats aren’t near as fussy as Louis is. Hopefully it will work! Cat daddy looks quite happy with his hair band. I wonder if it smells like tuna?

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  4. We use the same container for our coffee. The one we use for our equally picky cats is called a Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Container. We use the same to also store the ridiculously allergic to all things but air and some waters Labrador’s 50# bags of food. I am glad the coffee container works for you. OH! and for what it is worth, when the instructions tell you to change the filter every 6 months, don’t unless his majesty deems it necessary. They ran out of them shortly after we ran out of the last “free included” one and that was right before CoVid took the world over. We haven’t changed it in over 2 years now and when I contacted them about getting some new filters soon they replied “We don’t change ours out for 3 years, sometimes longer. Unless the filter gets wet, it is fine.” The more you know…

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    1. That is good to know! Thank you. Do you know what the dial on top of the lid is all about? We have ours currently set to 15, I think. No idea what 15 means … 🤣🤣🤣


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