De nouvelles aventures

We have some very sad news: last week we said au revoir to the Dog Family, who have moved away. I might add that this was not because of Louis Catorze. Well, that’s what they told us, at least.

Living next door to them was the best thing in the world, and I feel quite bereft without them. We had so much fun together, especially during the first lockdown with our over-the-fence barbecues, and the riotous Full Moon Hallowe’en when they came to our outdoor party dressed as Catorze (yes, all three of them, dressed as Catorze, fangs and all). Luckily they are still local and close enough for us to walk to their new place, but not so close that Catorze could find out where they live and go over to annoy Disco the dog.

Sa Maj will truly miss Dog Sister, who was his best buddy and who would always take his side during altercations with Disco’s predecessor Oscar the dog, even when it was Catorze’s fault (which it always was). He knew her voice and would respond to it before he could even see her; in fact, if she was out in the garden, he would sometimes hop over the fence and have cuddles with her. So that she can keep getting her vampire kitty fix, we have given Dog Sister this – whatever “this” may be – to keep her company:

The resemblance is quite striking.

I know. You’re speechless, right? She was, too.

We wish the Dog Family every happiness in their new home, and hope that we will still continue to be regular visitors to each other. We also hope that their new neighbours have well-behaved pets who mind their own business.

20 thoughts on “De nouvelles aventures

  1. And no doubt you have fingers crossed that Catorze will mind his own business too..

    At least your friends are still within visiting distance. May some actual barbecues be in your futures.

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    1. The new family moving in apparently have a little daughter aged around seven, so it’s highly doubtful that he will mind his own business. 😩😩😩 But, yes, it’s great that they are still close by.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear about the Dog Family moving away. I do hope Dog Sister is enjoying the gift you offered her.
    I didn’t know Louis was keen on pentagrams. I love them too. Perhaps it is why I love reading Louis’s stories.

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    1. Oh my, you thought something had happened to Le Roi? (And that we’d replaced him with a stuffed toy?) 🤣🤣🤣


  3. It’s always sad when good neighbours move away, but I’m glad you’ll still be able to see them. Love, love, love the bat cat!!!! xx

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