Le repas à l’eau

Louis Catorze is on liquid Gabapentin for his post-op recovery. I put the first dose on his fur, expecting him to groom it off, but he didn’t; he just let it air-dry on his body, then rubbed it back onto me. The second dose was spat into my face. So … going well so far.

Despite the fact that only 0.3% of his pain relief has been ingested, he is on astonishingly good form and has the energy of a ninja on amphetamines. In fact, we can’t believe he’s just had surgery.

I managed to cut off his bandage at the weekend, after the mother of all Greco-style fights. As it loosened, he appeared to understand that I was trying to help him – it’s only taken him seven years – and he relaxed slightly. When it finally fell away, he purred, rolled and repeatedly headbutted my leg as if he were saying thank you. I know: Catorze, being GRATEFUL! Whatever next? (Armageddon, I imagine.)

Photo taken before the assault with a bladed weapon.

When the bandage came off, I saw that his paw was enormous, twice the size of the others. Luckily it was able to bear weight and, other than giving it a good wash, he wasn’t remotely concerned. And, better yet, the giant paw has now reduced in size.

Not a great photo, but look at that paw!

He is also happily guzzling the dampened-down Orijen. However – and you knew there would be a “however”, didn’t you? – the little sod has started to reject it if it’s TOO damp.

Given that he’s recovering from dental surgery, I’d have imagined too damp to be better than not damp enough. Mais non: if the food has been left to soak up water for too long – even though this is his own fault for not eating it promptly – he will sit at our feet and do the creepy staring thing, the way he does when his plate is empty. As a result I have had to throw away uneaten Orijen, and Cat Daddy is not happy about this at all.

Anyway, this means we can no longer put food into Catorze’s bowl at our convenience, and instead we have to be responsive to when HE wants feeding. As anyone with a cat will know, as ever, it’s all about them.

26 thoughts on “Le repas à l’eau

  1. One of my cats had all of his teeth removed and he eats crunchy as well as soft. The vet says that is ok if it doesn’t seem to bother him.
    Catorze’s foot seems to indicate that maybe the bandage was a bit too tight – which might explain his unusual delight in your efforts to help him get it off.

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    1. We were going to take him to the vet on Monday morning to have it removed, and when we called the TW3 branch to ask if this were ok, they said yes. I’m glad we persevered with trying to do it ourselves!

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  2. OMG the paw 😳😳😳 is it back to normal size? I have never seen anything like that with any of my cats! Miss Penny started to not eat her (expensive) wet food when we moved. She wants it, and will start eating it, and then stops and refuses to eat the rest. I tried smaller portions but nope, same thing, she eats a smaller portion of it and leaves the rest to dry. I am pretty annoyed, given that I have gotten tons of it and the dry uneaten food makes my trash stink! Yet I continue giving it to her because she wants it… I guess you and I are good examples of “crazy cat ladies.”

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    1. Yes, the giant paw was much better the next day and is normal now! It gave me quite a shock, I tell you. I wonder why Miss Penny does that with her food? What a strange thing. 🤣


  3. I’m glad he’s feeling back to normal (for His Maj’s levels of normality). I’m also glad his paw shrank back down. No wonder he was so thankful! O_O

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