Grâce à l’amour des chats

My sister and her family (husband, boys aged nine and seven, and a girl of ten months) came to visit at the weekend.

Louis Catorze enjoys having visitors but he especially likes children and is very patient with them, allowing them to pick him up and manhandle him. If children stay overnight, Catorze often sleeps at their feet like a little guardian daemon keeping watch, and we have complete confidence leaving him with them (older ones, rather than babies).

Although Sa Maj is the devil himself, his evil seems to be reserved for mind-bending psychological games with me rather than meanness towards children. He has an inner code of conduct decreeing that he shall be as sweet as candy towards guests, particularly kids, and I try to ignore the fact that the main aim of this is to make me look stupid when I complain about how horrid he is.

My baby niece loves cats. She has a special shriek of delight reserved for her own cat, King Ghidorah, and she looks for him around the room when she hears his name. I played her some of the 8,094 cat videos on my phone and, interestingly, whilst she watched and listened, transfixed, to Catorze’s ear-bleeding screaming, she showed a clear preference for the more melodic, dainty meowing of Cocoa the babysit cat.

My sister tactfully suggested that perhaps the painful, grating sound of Catorze’s voice “wasn’t quite as recognisable as that of a cat”. We know. Try living with it.

Sa Maj’s presence was a little more scarce during this most recent visit. He was happy with the boys (see below) and even spent some time hanging out in their room, giving them a real fright then they thought that black lump on the bed was one of their towels.

Reserved but comfortable.

He was a little less sure of the youngest, having not seen a baby in a while:

Sa Maj says, “Bof.”

However, Blue the Smoke Bengal was much more obliging, leaning right in and rubbing his face against her:

Smiles all round.

Here are the kids with their feline brother King Ghidorah:

Happy tail.
Reading time for the boys.
Happy tail once again.

16 thoughts on “Grâce à l’amour des chats

  1. It redounds to Catorze’s credit that he is not thoroughly evil. Also nice to see pictures of the the Smoke Bengal and King Ghidorah who is indeed quite magnificent !

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  2. What marvelous pictures! I thought Blue and le roi didn’t hang out that much? Are they friends now because of Donnie? (Le roi’s social life is confusing–I’m considering creating a spreadsheet to keep things straight.)

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  3. What an adorable and beautiful post about the cats and the children! So beautiful to see that Louis enjoys having visitors and is very patient with the children…

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  4. My cats hate children. They all pile under my bed if anyone under the age of 18 turns up. I’ve managed to teach my niece and nephew to be very quiet so they can look under the bed at them. The new #NotMyCat #NowMyCat just throws himself at the cat flap in desperation to escape.

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  5. Beautiful children 😊 It seems Catorze knows how to ensure loyalty in his future subjects. Perhaps making you look like a liar is just a side benefit…(“Moi? Je suis un chaton douce et innocente!”)😸

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