Le chat sur un toit brûlant

Every so often, a little ray of sunshine comes my way when I realise that my cat is not THE most embarrassing cat in the world, but perhaps only just scraping into the top ten.

This absolute muppet (see link https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-56271478 ) not only managed to hold up a whole train but his escapades were as public as can be, first taking place in a crowded station with CCTV and now immortalised on the internet for our entertainment. The only slight surprise is the colour of the cat as I would have expected this behaviour, first and foremost, from black cats (psychopaths who want to ruin our lives) or gingers (arrogant and into themselves, and therefore would have loved the attention).

Somewhere in London, a tabby cat owner is wincing as they read the BBC’s online news, thanking their lucky stars that the photos are sufficiently grainy to instil some reasonable doubt, therefore allowing them to just deny everything. I myself am thanking my lucky stars that it’s not Catorze, although this is only because he doesn’t know where the station is.

Here he is, telepathically communicating praise to his stripy copain:

“Bien joué, mon gars.”

14 thoughts on “Le chat sur un toit brûlant

  1. Wow. And it was really very nice of them to attempt to save the cat instead of just saying Oh the Hell With It. Though the bad publicity that would have resulted might have been a deterrent.

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  2. We say Meowza, good moves little Moggie! It does make me think that you humans should put collars on us that are easily recognizable so that when we make our move to get our 15 minutes (or in this guy’s case 2 hours) of fame, everyone will know who we are!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

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  3. Cats always seem to strive to carry off these things with a certain éclat ( I really don’t know French so maybe there is a better term for it). Even if they fall flat on their butts they get up, and declare that it was exactly what they intended; and then take a bow

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    1. He totally would. And he would cause further delays bu snuggling the train driver (if male) and making him lose track of time.


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