L’horloge hantée

Louis Catorze is absolutely MANIC at the moment. He sleeps from late morning to late afternoon and is in full-on play mode after that, thundering around the house and being a nuisance. I now have to make sure my knitting bag is fully zipped to the end, because Cat Daddy has caught him jumping into the open bag and thrashing around, tipping my darning needles all over the place. And his uninvited appearances at my online lessons have now become more regular; yesterday was another day of students screaming, “Miss, I can see his tail! Miiiiiiiiss! MIIIIIIIIISSSS!”

It’s a full moon tonight, which partly explains it. But I also suspect that Catorze might be communing with and/or summoning evil entities from somewhere, which isn’t ideal.

In other, possibly related news, the Lumie Bodyclock saga continues, and I have discovered that the way to get it working is to turn the sound off. Yes, I know, this is exactly the opposite of what should happen, but nevertheless it’s what DOES happen: when the display says “Audio off” and there is an image of a musical note with a line through it, this indicates that both the alarm and the light function ARE ON and will work exactly as they should in the morning.

I have also discovered that, during the few minutes just before the alarm goes off, there is some sort of sound inaudible to human ears. I don’t know what it is (obviously, on account of it being inaudible) but Le Roi has detected it, in the same way that cats’ hypersensitivity picks up on all manner of things indiscernible to us. You know that moment when your cat stops what they’re doing and stares, wide-eyed, at a blank patch of wall behind you? It’s the audio version of that.

Here he is listening intently to it, whatever “it” may be, and confirming my view that cats are creepy as hell. What he can hear is most likely the tropical birds on a much lower volume. But, equally, it could be demons or poltergeists.

“Is anybody there? Chirp once for OUI.”

35 thoughts on “L’horloge hantée

  1. The title of your post does mention the word “haunted,” On the other hand, I do think cats do that made you look” thing of staring at a blank wall until they get a reaction !

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  2. He wants a Youtube channel of his own. Right now he’s just experimenting with his “muse”. Look at this positively; he gets a monetized Youtube channel, you get the money to buy his special food. After all the internet was invented for cats…and of course something else which I won’t mention.

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  3. “Yes, I know, this is exactly the opposite of what should happen, but nevertheless it’s what DOES happen” Mmm, where have I read ‘does the exact opposite’ before?

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  4. This explains why KitKat sang the song of her people for over half an hour last night. Usually, she’s done after a few minutes. My throat is sore this morning (because I obviously have to reply when she yells from across the house).

    I dunno about His Maj, but it sounds like your lamp is possessed by upside-down gremlins. At least you’ve got it to work?

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      1. xD I dunno about His Maj, but KitKat even slept all day, barely acknowledging the carers (she’s normally all over them), and I know now that she was SAVING HERSELF FOR LATER. lmao

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          1. He really does! KitKat not so much, thankfully; there are times I THINK there’s a full moon, but we’re nowhere near. Maybe it’s something else, and it’s just a coincidence that it’s a full moon tonight… 🤔

            I definitely think it’s the moon for His Maj, though. Maybe he thinks he’s a werewolf?

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    1. Haha, he’d love that! Because he likes boys, I think he is drawn to the male voices, and most of my male students are more talkative than the girls. He seems to like the French conversation in particular, no surprise there!


  5. Catorze, I must commend you on that photo. It would be a purrfect offering for the FB group “this cat is threatening”. As regards the late night zoomies, I find this activity quite rewarding. My Human doesn’t knit so I am left to drag out trash bins and dump them all over the bathroom and kitchen floor. Sigh, yarn and needles sound like much more fun!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

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