Hurler à la lune

On Thursday Cat Daddy had to pop to Chiswick at around 2:45pm, which meant that Louis Catorze was, tragically, without male company for 90 whole minutes.

Obviously waiting for Cat Daddy to return was too much to ask so, instead, he decided to seek out boys from elsewhere. And, regretfully, the only ones available happened to be the Year 11 students in my online lesson – yes, THE SAME GROUP who’d had to endure the tail shenanigans a couple of weeks ago, whilst studying the joys of the imperfect tense:

The combination of irresistible male voices plus steroids (yes, he’s back on them: more about that next time) plus a full moon meant that Catorze was absolutely feral, clambering across the laptop and screaming himself senseless.

Him: “Mwahhhh!”

Me: “Be quiet!”


Me: “Oh, for God’s sake, shush!”

[Lots of giggles]

Kid: “Aw, Miss! Don’t bully your cat!”

Merde. Not only had I forgotten to press the mute button, but the little sod had managed to convince my class that he was somehow the victim in all this.

Not long afterwards, the same kid casually informed me, “Miss, the other cats have started now.”

Me: “What do you mean? What other cats? Started what? I thought you only had one cat?”

Him: “No, not my cat. The ones he hangs out with. They’re kind of like a gang.”

Oh my.

I couldn’t hear any other cats, but the kid appeared to be telling me that random neighbourhood ones had started to gather and/or respond. So either Catorze’s screaming had drifted through the open window, compelling his comrades to come to his aid, or the cats had detected the general full moon madness and had picked that very moment to have some fun. Or maybe it was both. Anyway, given the choice of doing any work or laughing hysterically at the double cat cacophony, the kid chose the latter. And his classmates soon followed suit.

The phrase “You couldn’t make this shit up” was INVENTED for me/this household/cats/Catorze. Here he is, psyching himself up for more of the same:

“Où sont les garçons?”

16 thoughts on “Hurler à la lune

  1. Love it! My daughter is a secondary school teacher and she is having problems with her classes but not as many as you🤣 Couldn’t you shut Catorze in another room when you are teaching – or would he wreck the place?

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  2. Wow! What a trip that boy is. Frankie gets like that at certain times during the day where he won’t stop walking across my wife’s laptop. He does it to me too but not as much. Probably because my wife works close to the door and he wants to go outside.

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    1. Haha, this is true! And it’s a good thing I only told him to shut up, instead of something much worse.


    1. They haven’t … but they’ve heard enough tales about him to know that everything is usually his fault.


  3. Perhaps you could have the student make all of his comments about Louis in French? Or teach Louis-speak instead? Sounds like Louis is in cahoots with the kids to disrupt class.

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    1. He does make plenty of cat comments in French. “Mon chat a mangé mes devoirs” is one I hear far too often. Even if the homework was an online task.

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