Le vieil homme et son chat

The summer solstice is here, the football is back, AND it’s also our wedding anniversary today. We will be celebrating at home, of course, but I know that Cat Daddy misses pubs and would far rather be there. (Remember when there were pubs?)

Not long ago he was recalling one pub, in particular, that he visited for the first time just before lockdown, and our conversation about it went something like this:

Him: “There was a cat in the pub.”

Me: “What kind of cat was it?”

Him: “Quite large, similar to Nimbus [our first cat]. British Blue with white around the mouth. Short-haired. When I asked the barman about her, he said she was a Persian. She didn’t look Persian, though.”

Me: “Oh, right.”

Him: “And there was a dog in the pub, too.”

Me: “What kind of dog was it?”

Him: “I dunno. [Long pause.] Floppy-eared.” [Another long pause, sips wine.]

And there it is.

I am a little better in this respect and I can name a wide range of dog breeds such as Yorkshire terriers (like Oscar), Cockapoos (like Nala), erm … police dogs, Andrex dogs and those stout, meaty ones that look like John Wick’s dog.

However, Cat Daddy’s statement just about sums up most cat people: able to give intricate details of every type of cat on the planet, yet can’t put together more than two words about any dog. For all his protests and name-calling of Louis Catorze (most of them too rude to repeat), Cat Daddy is a cat man and proud of it. And the photo below proves that.

Incidentally, Cat Daddy wasn’t overjoyed about me publishing this photo, but reluctant permission given under duress is still permission, non? And, if you zoom in, you can see one of Le Roi’s perma-fangs, which are always on display even when his mouth is fully closed.

Joyeux Solstice à tous.

Retirement goals.

19 thoughts on “Le vieil homme et son chat

  1. We wonder if LeRoi is happy about you publishing this picture showing his mellow side.

    Many dog people know very little about cats other than the basics – striped/black/ etc etc.

    Disclaimer : I began as a true dog person, lukewarm to cats. But over the years I evolved/devolved. Though when the old beagle died last November it was the first time since 1973 I had not had at least one dog. I am just too old now (74) to take care of a dog. The cats are just easier, and a small indoor only dog is not an option…due to the litter box buffets around the house.

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    1. You’re 74? I always imagined you to be in your 30s! You write like a much younger person, if that’s possible. I can’t explain how, but you do.


    1. Thank you! If we remain ratless it’s certainly not through lack of trying. Rodent Duty has taken over as the favourite activity here, with Boys’ Club sinking to second place. 😱


  2. Happy anniversary! As a cat person over the past few years I’ve started to watch the dog shows to get a better grip on them. The cats find it hilarious that the dogs dutifully follow instruction. Can you imagine a cat show where the cat is expected to prance around a circle? I saw a cat show where a “lively” cat was disqualified for chewing on the judge. Now that’s a cat! Love your description of stout and meaty! I knew exactly what dog you were talking about!

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    1. Thank you! Funnily enough, sheep following sheepdogs following human whistles was Luther’s favourite type of television programme. Catorze rather likes birds, especially seagulls. He probably feels safer watching them on television as real ones are twice his size!

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    1. Thank you! Louis Catorze has celebrated by, erm, annoying the shite out of me all night, then doing very little all day.


  3. I have a friend who is a dog person, and she is always telling me what kind of dog a certain one is. Seriously, who thinks up the names for animals. Yorkipoo, or Chiweenie? OMG. LOLOL

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