L’infirmier devoué

Next week I am due to have surgery on my shoulder, which should hopefully spell the end of a long line of problems. It’s a day procedure, so I won’t need to worry about Louis Catorze causing havoc in my absence (no more than usual, anyway) as I’ll be back that evening, but I am concerned about what he will do when I come home.

I often hear reports of cats being extra loving and affectionate when their humans are ill or convalescing. Sa Maj, on the other hand, does everything in his power to send me back to hospital, no doubt hoping that I will die there. When I came home after spinal surgery the little sod jumped onto my torso, then used it as a launch pad to jump somewhere else. And, when I had abdominal surgery, he did THIS (see below), which not only nearly burst my stitches as I tried to wrestle him out of the room (1st link), but also triggered the long-term avian war that still wages on to this day, having started with the starlings and continuing with the magpies and the angry green parakeets (2nd link):



So … can we trust Catorze to be nice/good this time?

Cat Daddy: “You’ve really learned nothing in the last few years, have you?”

16 thoughts on “L’infirmier devoué

  1. I do understand your concern. Several years ago, I had surgery on my foot. The divas did not go out of their way to increase my suffering, except darting out in front of me as I tried to navigate the several segments of elliptical stairs in my home and sniff at my crutches. However, had it been my shoulder, it could have been a different story. Madame Colette has established my shoulder as her throne, end of discussion. 😉 All the best from the Aude.

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      1. Without a doubt. A friend in London sent me two tiny but wonderfully delightful books last month. Mon Chat est un hypocrite and Mon Chat est un PSYCHOPATHE. She knows my masters well. 😉

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  2. You aren’t going to come out of this unscathed at all, sorry. The scars may just be mental but still…

    On the other hand, you don’t have a cat who insists on licking wounds. Sometimes I think she is just checking to see if I’ve matured enough for eating.

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  3. Dear Madame la domestique, I hope that it all goes well (or went well?). Was missing you and Le Roi so was overjoyed to find you still here – and with updates! Get well soon. Serena (and Stevie) xx

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