Le songe d’une nuit d’hiver

As well as his summer chaise longue, Louis Catorze now has a cosy bed for the winter. And, if you squish down the roof from the top, it folds into a bowl-shaped bed that also serves for spring and autumn.

Cat Daddy: “Absolutely bloody ridiculous. We don’t even have a summer and a winter DUVET, and yet he has A Bed For All Seasons?” 

The bed was gifted by one of Sa Maj’s favourite pilgrims in the whole world, and it’s not hard to see why it was chosen: a creepy black kitty with vampire fangs has to have a Hallowe’en bed, n’est-ce pas? Our friend did initially wonder about pink for a boy cat, but I don’t suppose cats really have colour preferences. And, if they did, something tells me that our boy would opt for pink in an instant. 

When we are home, we like it when the little sod sits on our laps. But, when we’re out, it’s nice to know that he has a comfy little spot of his own. Below is a picture of him enjoying his gift, and the fact that he took to it so quickly was something rather special as he usually does the opposite of whatever is expected (or wanted). 

I hope he feels this snug and happy forever. 

7 thoughts on “Le songe d’une nuit d’hiver

  1. What a totally fabulous present!!! And brilliant that he’s taken to it. We bought a beautifully crafted felted igloo for ours at a craft fair last year and they immediately squished it and it just sits forlornly in a corner now. Give the little sod a cuddle from us xxxxx

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  2. ah he has got soft spots then! i mean him himself, Sa maj, not places. though of course he has both…. meanwhile this grey horrid morning 2 of mine are out in the catio, topshelf gazing around whilst Steve, the third poppet has eaten from everyone’s plate because well…it’s food innit? deep sigh! blessings Louis xxx

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