Séparés à la naissance?

Mesdames et Messieurs, I would like to call upon your collective Cat-Shazam skills to identify a miscreant. Is Cat Granny’s new residential home cat, Brook (first picture, taken two weeks ago), the same cat that ruined her 90th birthday party by turning up uninvited and then killing a bird in front of horrified guests (second picture, taken just before the incident last April)? 

The case for the prosecution:

1. They have the same unusual markings and the same wayward eyes (one pupil pointing east and the other west).

2. The new care home is directly next door to the location of the birthday party, which effectively places Brook at the scene of the crime.

The defence:

The defendant and the cat caught at the crime scene differ significantly in, erm, body shape (and this is actually a flattering picture of Brook; in real life he is much, much fatter).

The prosecution again:

Bearing in mind the care home staff’s comments about Brook’s voracious appetite and his ability to source food from unknown locations however much they restrict his diet, it is more than likely that he would have gained some poundage since Cat Granny’s birthday. 

(This isn’t great for Brook, but it makes me feel much better about my own festive chub.) 

I know what *I* think but would love to know your views, members of the jury. Do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty of the crimes of trespassing and avian murder? 

18 thoughts on “Séparés à la naissance?

  1. I involved the junior cat experts and they seem to agree with me that there seems to be enough differences between the pictures to rule out the guilty verdict. Bottom pic. looks more like a Siamese mix with the light blue eyes. The markings are strikingly similar but bottom cat seems more gry. and a bit lighter color.

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    1. How old are the junior cat experts? They sound fantastic! I must say that the photo I posted of Brook is in different lighting so his eyes are actually bluer in real life. And the way he is stretching his front paw across sort of hides his chest, where all the pale fur is. But I realise that this is a courtroom and it was my responsibility to submit reliable evidence in the first place. I will go through my other photos of him and see if I can post more later!

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      1. Our junior cat experts are 14, 12 and 9. Still in training of course, but learning fast. I will have them consider the lighting and anymore pics that you might present to the jury!

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  2. i feel undecided. the top picture his eyes don’t seem quite so west and east as the 2nd picture. would really need to similar poses of before and after. the color well one inside and one outside can make a striking difference….. i feel case not proven…..

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    1. I didn’t notice the beauty mark! It’s definitely him. Little – or, rather, very large – sod.


  3. The rings on the left front leg are identical, even though in the photo of him reclining you can still see the way the top ring runs into the bottom one. Plus other similarities. It’s the same cat.

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