Et l’Oscar va à …

What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times?

I can think of one show in particular that I have seen countless times, although I still haven’t figured out whether it’s a film on repeat, a horror-themed Groundhog Day-style soap opera, or something Trumanesque whose participants don’t know that they’re part of a reality show and you’re torn between laughing at them and feeling really sorry for them.

I think its name is “Qu’est-ce qui se passe?” and it stars Louis Catorze, playing the part of a cat who is outraged or alarmed about something. His skills at portraying this, when in actual fact there is nothing whatsoever the matter, are quite extraordinary.

The pilot series aired in 2014 and, nine years on, it is still running. The content is very much the same as it was at the beginning, but it is clear to see that the leading actor has evolved; whereas, originally, there was just screaming – well, I say “just” screaming as if that were unworthy of note, but we all know that his voice is enough to make us tear at our own ears with our fingernails – but further dramatic techniques that he has developed over the years include, although are not limited to, creepy staring, whining and 3am parkour.

“Qu’est-ce qui se passe?” is aired multiple times each day and night, whether or not we want to see/hear it. And Catorze gives us the full Day-Lewis every time, repeatedly convincing us pathetic humans that something really is amiss, irrespective of how many times we have been duped in the past. Sometimes this has led to vet visits, only to find out that there’s absolutely jacques merde wrong with him.

This show is worthy of many Academy Awards, aside from Best Actor in a Leading Role: it deserves Best Director, Best Foreign Language Film (subtitles not available) and Best Sound Mixing, to name but a few. If you haven’t seen it, hopefully Catorze’s misadventures in Le Blog will bring the experience alive and help you to feel as if you have. You’re welcome.

Method acting.

29 thoughts on “Et l’Oscar va à …

      1. I can imagine it is! My Persian, Andy, used to play a keep-away game his late brother, Dougy. It was played with a cat toy and involve a really loud (…and offensive, I guess, to Dougy) screeching yowl by Andy before the two kitty boys were chasing each other around the hous.

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  1. Oh I really understand, although Merlot isn’t one to use his voice hardly ever. Just lately something that he has done on a rare occasion in the past, which causes feverish attempts from me squeezing his legs, tummy, ribs, neck and ears to try and replicate it in the hopes of gently persuading the sound back out of him thus giving me a clue as to where the problem lies, has become bouts of repeated screams and squeaks usually when trying to put on/off his harness and raincoats. Often happening when he may prefer to be left alone to sleep, so there is always that doubt that’s in the back of my mind that he could just be being a diva. But when you have 4 to 6 loud scream yelps in quick succession, which make you jump back in shock and horror and then feel guilty that you have hurt this poor tiny little darling by your clumsiness, it really hits a raw note. He’s been checked by a vet on a yearly basis when he has his vaccination and health check, no sound or even a twitch in his body to show a sign of discomfort is apparent. His heart is healthy, his ribs are fine his ears are clran and his neck feels sturdy as ever. He’s not your average faint (yes a quick grammar check here, faint not feint) hearted shakey chihuahua, he’s all dog (rotweiller), unafraid of anything and body goes where no other sane tiny animal would go, straight into action against postmen in uniform and all major sizes and breeds of dog which usually leaves said dog cowering either behind me or their own parents, luckily for him and me. So yet again he’s been checked out by the vet and nothing untoward found. The latest verdict is that he possibly has a painful front tooth, being one that was beside 2 that were knocked out for him in an unprovoked attack from a lhasa apso a few years ago, but why doing his harness or coat up under his tummy should interfere with this fang I don’t understand. After a couple of bouts of recent screaming moments I groomed his undercarriage as he has long fur, using clippers and scissors around his somewhat tummy and disproportionately large little manly appendage, he doesn’t have the two veg because he’s been done 8 years ago, all in case the odd long hair could have been getting caught in the velcro and we all know how pulling just one or two hairs hurts like hell and that doesn’t seem to have made any difference. But the other unintentional thing I do know makes his twinkle flinch is when doing his harness or coat up, is when he accidentally gets a bump on the end of his disproportionately large little manly appendage yet he doesn’t cry out when this happens. So after having him for the last 8 out of 11 years of his life I am still relatively in the dark about these piercing scream yelps, unless as I say, it’s him being a diva and just wanting to be left the hell alone to sleep until he feels ready to wake up and go outside.

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          1. I’m sure I have asked you before but just in case I haven’t, have you seen the old movie Cats & Dogs? You really need to if you haven’t, it will explain so much about what goes on that we don’t see! It’s supposed to be a work of fiction but I think it’s definitely real!!

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            1. I haven’t seen it! Does it portray dogs as good but a bit stupid, and cats as conniving and evil?


            2. Well… In a way… I suppose, but that’s not why I want you to see it, it’s about their communication, they have secret places to go to meet and the owners have no idea they’ve gone anywhere. They also have elaborate coms hideouts where they can contact HQ, I remember now, I did tell you to watch it but as soon as you read the plot you decided you couldn’t bare to watch it lol… Probably a clever and conniving plot the cats set up to deter their humans not to watch and find out all the secrets!!

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  2. I nominate for the Academys’ consideration: Bandit The Boston Terrior Puppy, aka Trash King. For his performance in the middle of the night thriller, There’s Something In The Closet And I Won’t Stop Barking Until I Have Awakened Everyone In The House. His competition in the Baseless Alarmist category: Trixie The Drama Queen. Nominated for her star turn in: Detente At The Border, a Life In The Wild docudrama. (Seen nightly in the hall as she faces off with Bandit, who I fear will soon lose an eye. 🙄)

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  3. I have a sneaking suspicion that Catorze is offering method acting classes via the web. I am sure I saw one of my cats switch from Cat TV on the tablet to an infomercial featuring the same photo at the top of your post. Further evidence of Catorze’s method acting training in my house is Alberto’s sudden decision to perch on the hutch at the end of the hallway by my bedroom door and scream (as only a cat with predominant Siamese genes can) as though he is being tortured. While I admire Catorze’s entrepreneurial endeavors I must ask him to cease and desist immediately before the other two felines in residence finish the course.
    The beleaguered human

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    1. Oh goodness, there is nothing on earth like the Siamese scream! My childhood cat Misha had a Siamese nemesis called, erm, Prince Chulalongkorn, who had a scream like nothing else.

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  4. It may be too late to stop Louis. Qu’est-ce qui se passe is already franchised in multiple countries, including the US, where it stars my own Darth Vader. Admittedly, there are differences to appeal to different international audiences. The US plot has been simplified. What’s the matter, Darth Vader? is almost always the lack of kibble or Temptations or, in truly dramatic episodes, both.

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