Malades comme des chiens

The spring equinox is here, and this year I am especially happy to see this day because the winter has been utter merde. The sore throat which plagued me throughout February and much of March, is now back. Even Cat Daddy, who is never sick, is suffering, and he can’t seem to shake it.

Usually, whilst we peasants languish, the French monarchy would be flourishing. However, on this occasion, Louis Catorze is below par. He’s still eating, drinking and bothering the local wildlife, and he even put his internal clock forward to CST* a little early. But, one morning last week, Cat Daddy remarked that the little sod had lost his voice, with just a breathy rasp remaining where an almighty siren used to be.

*Catorzian Summer Time is exactly as it sounds: sleeping late, breakfast at 4pm and nocturnal gaddings-about at The Front.

On Wednesday Cat Daddy took Catorze to the vet for his steroid shot, with the intention of also mentioning the croaky voice. Naturellement, on the day of the appointment, the croak disappeared and his normal paint-stripping scream resumed. Luckily I had taken the precaution of videoing him earlier in the week and sending the video to the vet, because I knew full well that he would pull a stunt like this. Here is the piece of evidence which proved that Cat Daddy wasn’t a liar, a fantasist, a drama queen or a factitious disorder imposer:

The chain-smoking drag queen voice.

The good news is that there’s nothing to worry about; apparently croaky voices sometimes just appear and disappear of their own accord. The slightly more disquieting news is that Catorze is now at his lowest weight since this time last year (3.06kg) although hopefully the Steroid Hungries will chub him up.

The day after the vet appointment, the croak came back. It would be implausible, if it weren’t so utterly Catorzian.

Joyeux Printemps. Wishing you and your furry overlords the best springtime.

In his happy place.

28 thoughts on “Malades comme des chiens

    1. Thank you! The vet wasn’t worried because he’s still doing all the normal things (eating, drinking, screaming, being silly). It’s only when he’s subdued that it’s a concern. 😊

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  1. Although we aren’t in Spring yet, thank you for your kind wishes 🙂
    The March equinox is happening only at 21:24 UTC 🙂
    Thank you too for sharing this video with us.
    Poor Louis sounds really pathetic.
    Can you tell him I sincerely hope he will recover soon 😺

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    1. Yes, the equinox is the same time for us, but I always consider that it’s here even if it’s much later that evening! Don’t feel too sorry for him. He’s just milking it!

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  2. About the equinox, I was showing off because I had checked it for my grandson last Thursday.
    As to Louis, many cats behave another way when they are at the vet’s.
    The day Timon was unable to put a leg on the ground, he did it at the vet’s to run away under the desk.

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  3. When we read the headline we thought you had gotten ill again over another break ! Hope Catorze recovers satisfactorily and you and CD stay well.

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    1. I haven’t, but only because we haven’t had a break yet! The Easter holidays are in two weeks. I’ll probably get struck down with something horrendous then!


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