Partager les tâches ménagères

We all know how much Louis Catorze enjoys Rodent Duty, but it seems that he has bountifully decided to share the joy with his comrades. Blue the Smoke Bengal – who hasn’t really visited us much since that time Catorze hissed at him in front of the whole street – has decided to join the party.

Catorze was enjoying Boys’ Club one night when he suddenly jumped off his papa’s lap and shot through the Sureflap. However, he didn’t rush fully out and, instead, remained in the wall tunnel in the wall for a few seconds, with his silly tail sticking out from under the Sureflap door, surveying the situation before deciding what to do. We then realised that Blue was in the garden, hovering curiously around the Rodent Duty site.

Catorze flew out of the Sureflap and, for an awful moment, we thought we would have to peel him off poor Blue and shamefacedly confess to his mamma that our little sod had attacked him. But, instead of launching himself upon Blue, he stopped just short of him and the pair of them stared at each other. They remained staring for a minute or two before Catorze obviously said something unpleasant, and poor Blue took off through the gap in the fence to the Zone Libre. (Yes, despite his, erm, superior poundage, Blue still fits through the gap.)

Could the Sun King’s icy heart be thawing in his old age? Or is he just seizing the opportunity to delegate one of his jobs to someone else and pass off their handiwork as his own?

“And, when you find it, bring it to moi so that I can claim la gloire.”

18 thoughts on “Partager les tâches ménagères

  1. Thank you for this new epic story.
    We don’t have any flap, but Timon can stay in front of an ajar door with his body still inside, his tail going from right to left because he focusses on a bird in the distance.

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          1. Actually, Rourou is a cat. Therefore, he is weird.
            But Timon is weird too. For instance, my husband and I are invited to go play with him outside several times a day whereas he seems to prefer inviting Rourou to come inside. But, as you can easily guess, we aren’t really keen on letting the latter entering.
            Concerning Rourou whose actual name is Peter, he is used to being a frequent visitor to our garden. Every time I encounter him there, I tell him “Hello Peter, how are you today?” or “Salut Rourou, comment vas-tu aujurd’hui?”, but so far he has been ignoring me.
            Now, it’s up to you to choose which cat is the weidest.

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