L’apothéose de Louis Catorze

Louis Catorze is pitter-pattering around Le Château looking unspeakably ridiculous, with two baldish arms and a bald spot on his body.

His tattoo sleeves still look like this:

I took this from above whilst TUC, and he looked up to see what the heck I was up to.

And, Mesdames et Messieurs, the solar eclipse has evolved into this:

Not great.

We have utterly exhausted every option in terms of figuring out a cause; he’s not been bitten, he’s not catching himself on something as he crawls through the hole in the fence leading to the Zone Libre, and it’s not an area where stray Broadline has eroded away the fur (I am a poor shot when it comes to applying spot-on treatment, but I’m not THAT bad). And nobody knows what to do about it. Not even the vet knows what to do.

The little sod’s birthday is in a couple of months. Let’s hope he is looking a bit more normal by then, otherwise I will be relying very heavily on the black pen of the iPhone’s Markup tool to make him look presentable. It simply won’t do to have holey fur in one’s Official Birthday Portrait.

14 thoughts on “L’apothéose de Louis Catorze

  1. Don’t worry, the two baldish arms will get hairy very soon.
    Concerning the bald spot on his back, human beings can also suffer from alopecia areata.
    Last century, I met two of them whose blad spots vanished after a rather long while, but, unfortunately, I don’t know thanks to which treatment.
    Take heart.

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    1. I’m not worried about his arms, but his shoulder is very weird because that area just keeps coming and going. It’s so strange.


  2. Well, he’s obviously sacrificing it for some nefarious ritual or other. Like on TV when people (very stupidly) cut their hands for a bit of blood or something, that’s the spot he keeps going back to when he needs to offer up some fur. It will only grow back when the ritual is complete, and only then because he’s stopped plucking himself for offerings. xD

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    1. He must be! (Cold, I mean, deffo not cute.) He loses a lot of heat from the bald spots. I even touch them when I get cold!


  3. It’s so bizarre, have you checked his escape hole to make sure there isn’t a barber’s razor in just the right place to give him a quick shave? On the plus side it isn’t bothering him or infected, maybe just just has a spot of alopecia?

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    1. Cat Daddy checked the escape hole when we moved in, and there was a nail sticking out. He made the builders remove it so that le passage royal wasn’t hindered in any way! 🤣🤣🤣 There’s definitely nothing there now.


      1. I’m glad in not the only one who thought along the line of ritual… maçonnique?? Maybe there are other cats in the area with the same bald spot?

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