La foudre et les éclairs ne font pas vraiment vraiment peur

We all know that Louis Catorze, to put it mildly, isn’t quite like other cats. Gadding about outside in the rain is just one of the peculiar things that he does. However, last weekend, when we had torrential Blade-Runner-meets-Se7en rain for several hours straight, we witnessed something quite unthinkable: the little sod headed for the cat flap at the first sign of thunder and lightning.

Cat Daddy and I both thought he was just going to look, which would have been strange enough. Mais non: he was off out.

Oui, Mesdames et Messieurs: Catorze is irresistibly drawn to the two forces of nature which scare most animals witless. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that they call to him, in the same way that The One Ring calls to the Dark Lord.

This is weird, isn’t it?

Cat Daddy: “He’s going out in it! HE’S GOING OUT IN IT! ****ing werewolf cat! What’s wrong with him?”

We have been asking ourselves that question forever, and I don’t think we will ever know the answer. Here he is, communing with the elements from one of his favourite spots, not even caring about the water dripping from the table onto his rump:

Is he hoping it’ll start raining men?

23 thoughts on “La foudre et les éclairs ne font pas vraiment vraiment peur

  1. It reminds me of Mr. Bowie. He always enjoyed thunderstorms and lighting and stayed sitting by the window. He even liked the firework shows at New Year… But yes, I’ll admit Louis is a very special cat. You just got to love him… 🙂

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  2. I had a black and white tuxedo and he liked to sit on the windowsill in my shower while I was in there and get covered in teeny tiny little droplets of water. He also loved to come in the bathroom with me when I had a bubble bath and beg me to adorn him with the thick bubbly foam, also to line the side of the bath with blobs of bubbles and flick them above his head so he could jump up and catch then in his paws and he would bite the bubbles. I have also always taught cats and dogs to love the fireworks and storms, so much so that my daughter’s indoor cats will run to the window to watch watch the light shows and not pay any attention to loud bangs. But that’s as far as it gets. Whereas I myself love thunder, rain and wind and if I’m able I would happily sleep outside in any weather as long as I have a shelter and can bind myself in gorgeous coats, jumpers, trousers, blankets etc., as long as I’m not going to get bitten by bugs or come face to face with moths or any flying creature!! So I understand Louis’ joy of being out in exciting weather 😁

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          1. Well for me I don’t even have cat friends anymore. Of the two beautiful pusscats that were mine and Merlot’s friends, one moved away because his owner died and incredibly sadly our longstanding night time walkies pretty Maisie got run over in the lane and died on the operating table which has affected both of us. Each night Merlot hears a little noise and stops and looks for her and is then worried, either that or she’s still accompanying him and unaware that she’s not here in body, which wouldn’t surprise me at all. So we’ve yet to find another cat venturing down our way because between Maisie and her mate Chico this place was a no go area for other cats! We do see a black one quite often and we also see a completely white one sometimes, we are working on getting them to realise that Merlot might smell a tiny bit doggie when it’s nearly bath time but he won’t pick on them or be afraid of them. Perhaps you can have a word with the King and ask that Quarry House in Aldington is now open to new pusscats? Also Merlot could pass on any news for your local Mewspaper and as a King, Louis might have some national connections and be able to ask Larry to go get oodles of fleas to infest the MPs, hoping they’ll run away scratching and we can get some proper governance in this time of turmoil? Here’s hoping xxx

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