La matière noire

I am trying to listen to a radio interview on my phone, but Louis Catorze is making it very difficult. Something about the interviewee’s voice (male, of course, with the rise and fall and singsong vowel sounds of a North Carolina accent) is casting a spell over the little sod, who won’t leave my phone alone. He’s nuzzling it and even trying to nip it, all the while purring and rolling and, despite my best efforts to hold onto it, he has knocked the phone out of my hand a number of times.

Unfortunately the interviewee is the father of a notorious killer, and he is protesting his son’s innocence despite a mountain of damning evidence to the contrary (including, erm, a confession, and the fact that his vehicle was the only one caught by CCTV at the crime scene). At first I thought it rather sweet that Catorze would be naively ignorant of the content and just in love with the voice. But then I remembered that this is Catorze, and that we are in the run-up to Hallowe’en. I wouldn’t put it past him to understand it and to condone every word.

I hate myself for wondering this, but … how would Catorze respond to the sounds of ACTUAL serial killers’ voices? (The mere fact that I’m even thinking this, never mind putting it in writing for the world to see, is terrifying.) If he were to purr and roll in response to the dulcet tones of Richard Ramirez and the like, whilst I would rather not know, a strange part of me also wants to test him out. And, of all the creepy things Le Roi has done over the years, it still wouldn’t be the worst.

So, erm … if you have a favourite serial killer whose voice you would like me to try out on Catorze, please let me know. Mon Dieu, this is dark, even for Hallowe’en and even for him/me.


25 thoughts on “La matière noire

  1. I feel sorry. Since none of my friends are serial killers, I can’t help you, but are you sure serial killers can be seen through their voices? Some of them might sound as though butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, mightn’t they?

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    1. Ohhh, I was thinking along the lines of recorded interviews with known serial killers. You’re talking about having Catorze hear people’s voices and know if they’re serial killers! I didn’t think it were possible for this to become any darker, but it just has! 😱


      1. You’ve been watching too many horror movies. I guess you need an iTunes playlist with love songs and some romantic movies… But I know, there will always be an evil cat in the background… 😉

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  2. Given his usual supernatural bent, it might be interesting to take him down to Whitechapel, just to see what vibes he could pick up. Or not…

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  3. Great picture– perfect for the post!

    It’s likely far too late to vote, but if you want to see how he responds to someone creepy and evil, but probably not a murderer, how about Charles Manson? Unless you’re worried he might inspire Catorze…

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