L’eau est la vie

We are still suffering the after-effects of the crippling heatwave that peaked last week. At least we HOPE that was the peak, and that it isn’t going to get worse.

Most normal cats are flopping languidly around the place and not doing a great deal. Louis Catorze, however, is splitting his time between screaming, intensive Rodent Duty, more screaming, gorging on Orijen and indulging in all-night parkour around the back bedroom, including in and out of the window. (Don’t worry, there is an extension roof below and it’s not just a sheer drop. That said, he has tried to jump out of upper floor windows that DO have a sheer drop, and I’ve had to stop him.)

Like good citizens, we have been dutifully putting out extra water for the local wildlife. Stupidly, I assumed that Catorze were too engrossed in his other summer activities to bother himself with the birds’ water bowl. When he’s on Rodent Duty not even Armageddon will shift him, as you can see here:

Good boy.

However, I have just busted him doing this:


It’s not the clearest picture as I had to take it from some distance away; any attempt to move closer would have sent him scarpering and denied me any evidence. But we can all see what’s going on, non?

And the prosecution would also like to submit this piece of evidence: on the same day that these photos were taken, the little sod came in from a long evening of Rodent Duty with a suspiciously damp body, when it wasn’t raining.

We are now concerned that Cat Daddy’s greatest fear will come true: that Catorze will drink from The Iron Pool (assuming he hasn’t already done so), making it the most expensive cat drinking vessel on the planet. And the fact that it’s not even his MAIN vessel, and only a secondary one, makes it worse.

Will the spooky Book of Hope work some self-preservation magic on its outdoor counterpart? Or will it and Catorze team up to form some unholy alliance that will take over the world?

“Your maman snorts catnip in hell, you faithless slime!”
“The haunted bones made moi do it.”

29 thoughts on “L’eau est la vie

  1. LOL I really enjoyed this! He’s very handsome! I do hope the heat wave has passed over by the time you read this. I am not a fan of hot weather, simply cannot abide it at all! Stay cool!!!!

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    1. Thank you! He always looks his best in the summer. I hate the heat, too. When people say “Would you rather have six feet of snow?” … erm, yes, I would!

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  2. I feel sorry for both Cat Daddy and you, but I bet on Louis and the Book of Hope teaming up to form an alliance that will take over YOUR world and your lives are likely to be worse than before.
    🐈‍⬛ & 📖

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  3. Be aware…!! Mankind is lost; after the heatwave we’re just knocked out and the cats will have no resistance to take over the world.

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    1. I know! They’re already halfway there by controlling our minds. Now that our bodies are heat-wilted, we are sitting ducks. Or pigeons. Or rats. 😬

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    1. Oh no, I’m so sorry about Puck! I didn’t know that was how he died. 😢 I’ve put down extra water before for Catorze, and he’s never touched it. He’s such a creature of routine and habit that he will only ever use his one water glass, plus the outdoor table after it’s rained. 🤣🤣🤣

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  4. Like Charles said above, I would be happy if Sa Maj were drinking from anything 🙂 But it’s very kind of you to have some water for the other creatures in and around your garden! I only have spiders on my balcony, what do you think I could leave for them? I’m afraid ice tea might make their spiderwebs a bit sticky…

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    1. Haha, I’m obviously glad that he is drinking rather than NOT drinking, but I wonder if we are basically luring his prey to their death by providing water in a vessel that he likes! Spiders … erm … not sure about drinking but maybe that sticky paper that traps flies would catch some dinner for them? Or would they stick to it, too? 🤣🤣🤣

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