Le maillot arc-en-ciel

A couple of days ago, I went into the kitchen where Cat Daddy was watching the Tour de France. Louis Catorze had squished himself so hard into his papa’s leg that it was a while before I spotted him.

I then noticed that THIS was happening:

Apologies for the Tour de France commentary in the background.

Me: “What’s going on?”

Cat Daddy, without taking his eyes off the Tour de France: “It’s Boys’ Club. This is what we do.”

Well, I wouldn’t know. I’m not a member, and if I so much as pass by when meetings are taking place, I am met with baleful glares from those in attendance.

It’s not really fair, is it? I am the one who organises all Catorze’s important stuff and, in return, I am merely tolerated. Cat Daddy, the one who swears at him, calls him names and roughs him up to the point of flatlining ears (Catorze’s ears, I mean, not Cat Daddy’s), is treated with utter adoration.

It would be annoying were it not for the fact that it’s also hilariously cute. I can’t help but love their partnership and, despite Cat Daddy’s protests to the contrary, I know that he does, too.

21 thoughts on “Le maillot arc-en-ciel

    1. Hahaha! I do enjoy my special time with him in the mornings, but I know that it only happens because Cat Daddy isn’t around. 🤣🤣🤣

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  1. Awwww pure bliss 😀 My sweet Calinette was like that, too: the second a man was in the house, she forgot who I was and was all over him! Fortunately, as I live alone, she had to like me the rest of the time 😉 I think Sa Maj knows that there’s a time the flattening of ears and a time for horror movies and he enjoys and needs both to be happy 😀

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  2. Definitely….I just get the staring eye treatment when she wants her supper….
    But that’s OK….Maya makes up for it….she’s my lapgirl!

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  3. Yup…..I Don’t get the cuddles and slow blinks CD does. I feel like I’m definitely the maid…or whatever she might perceive me to be…..and if it wasn’t for Maya being my girl….I’d feel very despondent indeed!

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