J’adore le ventilateur

During previous searingly hot summers, I have sat in the living room with a fur-covered animal on my lap, a blanket over my knees (because said animal doesn’t like contact with bare skin), a candle burning (because of said animal’s allergies) and the fan off (because said animal doesn’t like the breeze), all the while hating myself and wondering how I became such a pathetic excuse for a human being.

However, Louis Catorze has decided that he does like the fan after all. So I am proud to declare that I now only do three of the four things mentioned above, making me merely SOMEWHAT pathetic as opposed to an utter loser.

Here I am, sweltering in the blistering heat, whilst Sa Maj relaxes in comfort:

You just relax whilst my internal organs melt and leak out of me.

19 thoughts on “J’adore le ventilateur

    1. Le Roi is quite fussy about the type of blanket! I don’t suppose that will surprise you one bit. 🫤


  1. Oh… what an adorable picture! Louis doesn’t mind the blowing fan? Jimi doesn’t like the noise it makes. I have a ventilator in every room of the house. It makes me look forward to the winter…

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    1. He still prefers no fan at all, but he will tolerate the noise and the breeze. 🤣🤣🤣 I’m looking forward to the winter, too!

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