La queue du monstre

Cat Daddy and I are on the last part of our holiday, which is a week in a secluded eco-croft in Durness. And, whilst London sizzles in a heatwave that looks set to hit 37°C on Monday, we are luxuriating in the joy that is 23°C and below. It’s absolutely blissful, although I do miss the company of Louis Catorze. (Cat Daddy, however, says he doesn’t.)

I have brought my Great British Map of Folklore and Superstition on holiday with me, and the north coast of Scotland is packed with spooky creatures of interest. These include ghosts, mermaids and even witches who shapeshift into cats, the latter of which made me think Catorze would probably feel quite at home here:

Us: “Do you think our cat is a baobhan sith, or is he a cait sith?” Scottish people: “Aye.”

I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating: Catorze has the weirdest cat tail I have ever seen. Although the tail itself is still nowhere near as weird as the fact that, when making him, God/Mother Nature/Satan/whoever decided that he wasn’t quite weird enough in his personality, so a weird tail was also necessary:

Nope. We have never seen anything like it, either.

We have various theories in terms of what could have inspired this crocodilian creation. Here are some suggestions:

A friend sent me this, and I see the resemblance.
Catorze’s hindquarters could make a fine hat one day. A very small one, obviously. (Sent by another friend.)
The branch of a monkey puzzle tree. Quite apt as Catorze is both a monkey and a puzzle.
Caterpillar segments, anyone?
A snazzy, snaky bangle, perhaps?
Maybe he’s more haute couture than we realise?

Are there any other Catorzian tailalikes out there? Please let me know, if so.

30 thoughts on “La queue du monstre

    1. Many black cats are “ghost tabbies”. My Snoodle has tabby stripes that can be seen in a certain light. But Le Roi’s tail is something else entirely!

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      1. I found out yesterday that Blue the Smoke Bengal’s markings disappear in winter when he gets his winter chin! 🤣🤣🤣 Catorze’s tail weirdness is deffo physical breaks in the fur and not colouring.


    1. These are definitely actual cracks in the fur, not a different colour. Catorze is weird. I will check out the blog, thank you!

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    2. First line of first link: “How did a skeleton end up embedded in the floor …?” It’s so annoying when you get skeletons embedded in your floor, isn’t it? 🤣🤣🤣

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      1. Well, I am not the best housekeeper, so some things on the floor might get overlooked. (The blogger is not only a folklorist but writes her own creepy stories…but given folklore, the skeleton in the floor might not be her fiction.)
        I just googled Celsius to Fahrenheit after reading your newest post and realized you are talking about 104 degrees ! My Lord ! It isn’t a dry heat either is it ? (that really is a factor)

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    1. Vraiment? Comment ça se fait que certains chats aient cette queue mais que la plupart ne l’ait pas? 🤣🤣🤣


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