Un tableau noir à la lumière

Cat Daddy and I have decided, last-minute, to extend our holiday, to avoid the London heat which now looks set to peak at 41°C (FORTY-ONE DEGREES CELSIUS). Sadly we can’t stay in the eco-croft as it’s reserved, but we have booked a place in the north-east, in the same complex where KettleGate took place. It’ll still be 30°C there, but come on: 30°C or 41°C? The latter sounds like a made-up number, applicable only to Death Valley and to that place in Ethiopia with the acidic water.

Non, non and thrice non.

We are very lucky indeed to be able to do this, and our wonderful, kind neighbours have agreed to take over Catorzian duties for the extra few days. We feel for anyone who has to endure this weather covered in black fur, but not enough to go and join them in it. Sorry, Louis Catorze.

Anyway … cats and circles. We all know about that. (If you don’t, please have a look here.)

However, cats and RECTANGLES? That’s a new one to us. But for Catorze, who always does the opposite of whatever is expected or wanted, it’s absolutely perfect.

It’s not often that Catorze creates perfect moments but, on this occasion, he did. The little sod decided to position himself in a rectangle that isn’t even a real rectangle, but a shadow one cast by the trellis above him. Perhaps he understands that every work of art needs a frame, and in this case the masterpiece is himself.

Here he is, demonstrating that rectangles are, apparently, the new circles. This was taken some time before the raging inferno into which London has just plunged but, to be fair, Catorze would do this whatever the weather:

This art installation created itself.

10 thoughts on “Un tableau noir à la lumière

  1. We are out of the heat wave for this minute (It is mid-80’s F but that is usual for Ohio mid-July.) We hope you and all the rest of Europe gets through the heat wave safely. And Catorze and his sitters of course !

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    1. I just had to do the conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius! 80°F looks unpleasant but it doesn’t fill me with fear in the way that 41°C does!


      1. And when I did the opposite and saw you meant 104 I was appalled ! We did hit that one summer in Ohio and I fled to visit my Aunt in Arizona – where it was a dry heat !

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  2. Many places have to undergo record-breaking heat. You are lucky to be able to avoid it 😺
    By the way, so far, I had never heard cats could be drawn to circles. Thanks for telling it to me. I’ll check it as soon as I can.

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  3. Stay cool, my friends! Get yourself some extra ice cream and don’t forget a cool treat for Louis. I’m sure he’s missing you a lot… 😉
    Right now the temperatures are mid twenties but on Tuesday we’ll be hitting the 40º C peak too… I’ve planned a low profile garden party next week on Thursday with my close friends. Let’s hope it will be a little bit cooler. But we’ll need a lot of ice cream…

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    1. Louis doesn’t do cool treats! We have put out extra water for him in the past, but he never drinks any of it. He will head to the hottest place he can find and cook himself slowly. 🙄

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      1. Jimi also gets a lot of extra water bowls, inside and outside. Thank goodness, he drinks a lot. Mr. Bowie didn’t like to drink much, he preferred ice cream. Jimi doesn’t like it very much…

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