Le patient est de retour

Louis Catorze’s second, and hopefully last, dental surgery went well. He is now minus two more teeth: his last remaining lower canine and the small incisor next to it. And we are minus £435.

The timing has turned out to be less than optimal, to say the least. We are barely out of the monetary dearth that is January AND we’ve just got back from a country where a double vodka-cola and a pint of beer cost £26 AND both our roof and our car need repairs. It’s not the best time for little sods and their private health care to kick us in the wallet, but tant pis.

When we collected Catorze from the TW3 branch of the vet, he had just come round from the surgery and was beating the sides of his pod and trying to unzip it from inside, all the while screaming his guts out. However, after a chillingly silent car ride home, he then escaped out at The Front within minutes. So clearly all was well.

He has a couple of dissolving stitches in his mouth (although no Cône has been prescribed, so I hope we can trust him not to mess with them), and we are to give him a dose of Loxicom every day until his next vet visit at the end of the week.

It was hard to take a good picture at this time (the morning after he came home), with the feeble living room light struggling to illuminate him and the unsightly backdrop of our coffee table with rubbish all over it, but somehow his chin and cheeks seem to sit differently. And, sadly, his trademark fangs don’t appear to protrude as much as they did before. Hopefully, as the swelling subsides, they will realign and he will look a bit more like the Roi that we all know and love. Right now it’s almost as if they swapped him for another cat, and the only reason I know they didn’t is because nobody in their right mind would swap him in rather than out.

Thank you for all your good wishes. We will keep you updated.

Who the heck are you?

24 thoughts on “Le patient est de retour

    1. Aww. That’s so sweet. We will love him, too, but his fangs are such a big part of his character. I’m hoping that it’s just temporary swelling which is making his snout hide the fangs.

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    1. Yup. And it’s hard to see whether they’re in pain or not. I’m not even sure Sa Maj knows that pain is something he shouldn’t have. He’s had it most of his life and I fear he might just accept it as normal. 😢😢😢


  1. Poor baby, he looks so sad! I hope he feels (and looks) more like himself very soon. But even if the fangs don’t come back, he’ll remain our favourite Louis Catorze for all eternity ❤

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    1. Aww, thank you! The swelling has given him a really downturned mouth. He does look sad. 😢😢😢


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