Les dents du Roi (Partie 2)

We have survived Storm Eunice and Storm Franklin and emerged on the other side, triumphant and victorious. Our only casualty was part of the fence separating us from That Neighbour, which means Louis Catorze will now find it easier than ever to pitter-patter over there and annoy him.

Meanwhile, Catorze’s food weirdness remains as it was after his last dental surgery.

Every time we feed him, we are forced to choose between letting the tap run for long enough to heat the water to his satisfaction, or boiling a kettle in order to use just 15ml of the water. Cat Daddy tends to choose the former whereas I choose the latter. And, if someone else is feeding Sa Maj, we say, “Do you prefer wasting water or wasting electricity? Feel free to choose how you want to destroy the planet on his account.” In fact, when we go away and leave others in charge of him, this is exactly, word for word, what we tell our chat-sitteurs.

The Gabapentin, which was supposed to indicate whether Catorze was in pain, hasn’t really told us much, so his dental surgery is booked for tomorrow. Ideally I would have done it much sooner in the year, but there was zero availability in January (despite me enquiring in late December), and we needed to time it to land away from his steroid shot.

Luckily for us all, the little sod isn’t acting like a cat in pain or distress: he’s playful, noisy and loving life. Let’s hope he keeps up his high spirits through this second dental procedure, and that he won’t need any further treatment.

Bon courage, little sod.

22 thoughts on “Les dents du Roi (Partie 2)

    1. Yes, we like to think we would know if they were in pain but I’m not sure I do with him. 🤷‍♀️ Hadn’t thought about microwaving the water! Good idea!

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    1. Merci! It’s his remaining lower fang that’s coming out, luckily, not one of his upper ones. I would be very upset to lose those!

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    1. Merci! Luckily he still has plenty of other teeth. 🤣🤣🤣 He’s an old boy but he’s made of surprisingly strong stuff!


  1. Our cats and pups all felt better after leaving the “high” spirits at the dentist office. They were stoned but painless. Let’s hope that your Tough little sod feels better once it all heals up.

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