Un sapin de Noël digne d’un Roi

Our Yule tree has arrived, and I couldn’t be happier. There is something about decorating a festive tree that’s wonderful for the soul.

This year we decided to try out a tree rental service (the kind of thing that we had hoped to do last year, but it all went wrong). It’s exactly as it sounds: they lend you a tree in a pot, and you return it at the end of the festive season. I arranged the delivery some weeks ago, making sure that I added it to my Google calendar as an event AND added Cat Daddy as an invitee. However, when I reminded him to wait in that day, not only did he respond with surprise as if I had never mentioned it before, but he moaned and griped as if it were the worst thing in the world.

Cat Daddy: “So I’ve got to wait in ALL DAY? It’s like being a prisoner!”

Is it ACTUALLY, though? Prisons don’t have the cheering company of a screaming vampire cat, for a start. (Although, if they did, people would try harder to stay out of them.)

Anyway, because the tree can only be indoors for 3.5 weeks, it has been waiting outside since its arrival and we have only just brought it in. Tree rental is not the cheapest option, but it means the tree won’t end up discarded on the roadside on 5th January. It also means that, unlike cut trees which some people put in a bowl of water, naughty cats can’t drink the toxic sappy water.

Usually Louis Catorze gets his own tree alongside our main one (I’m not joking; look here if you don’t believe me) but the one we gave him last year, which has been living in the garden in a pot, hasn’t survived well. Rather than buying or renting a second one for him, we decided to make our main one his. And we can do so without worry because, astoundingly, Louis Catorze has never trashed a festive tree in all his life (although he did chew one of the tags which we are supposed to attach to the tree before returning it).

Well, come on. We surely deserve to have SOMETHING go right when it comes to him?

Loving his tree.

16 thoughts on “Un sapin de Noël digne d’un Roi

  1. Is the black cat at the top of the tree aspirational in the hope that Louis will turn into an angel? Truly hope springs eternal!

    I don’t think I’ve heard of tree rental over here or we’d probably do it. What we do, besides a cut tree, is buy one of those little rosemary trees, leave it in the greenhouse, and bring it in Christmas week for decorating. It sits on the dining room table till New Year. Afterward, it lives in the greenhouse/ workshop till spring.
    Our cut trees are composted in our garden. The leaf-covered trunks make lovely homes for the wildlife in the backwoods.

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    1. Sa Maj, turning angelic? Not gonna happen, but we still can’t help hoping! Your rosemary tree sounds lovely. You must post some pictures of it!

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  2. What a good idea! I’ve never heard of renting the tree. I’m allergic to the real trees, though, so we have an artificial tree. 🤷🏻‍♀️It’s better than nothing, right?

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  3. Thank you for your enjoyable blog.
    May your rented Yule tree and the three of you have a great Christmas time.
    All of you deserve it.

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  4. Happy Christmas to you all! Maya and Inca send their best wishes to their French cousin. They wish that they could meet, but understand that Covid has put a stop to that!
    We love the idea of a rent-a-Christmas tree. Here they start selling them mid November…..how on earth do they expect it to last until Christmas with temperatures of 30C or over. Our pretend tree is now 11 years old…same as our kitties, and although the baubles were more off the tree than on….they can’t be bothered now. They Keep their energy chasing geckos …..it’s more fun.

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  5. What a wonderful idea to rent a tree. People in our neck of the woods (and we do live in the woods in the great inland Northwest) think we have so many trees we don’t need to rent them. And, after Christmas, people pick up our trees (sans decorations) and use them to line the runway of our little airport because we get a lot of snow around here.

    The Human is so selfish and such a grinch this year that there is no tree, not even one for her. She blames all this on the garage door being broken and access to the decorations more difficult, blah, blah, blah. We think this is a poor excuse and are shocked and dismayed that the level of service has severely declined during this holiday season.
    Purrs,. Head Bonks and Holiday Greetings,
    Alberto, Oliver, Lily and The Human

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