C’est le moment le plus merveilleux de l’année

It has started to feel très festive here at Le Château now that Louis Catorze’s tree is in place. (Yes, you have read that correctly: in addition to our main winter solstice tree, he gets his own mini one.) Decorating it is no mean feat, as the Pine Needles of Death are razor-sharp and, therefore, affixing each bauble is pain. And, yes, I do, indeed, see the tree as a cruel yet accurate metaphor for Catorze’s life, with him sitting atop all smug and loving himself, and me desperately scrambling around trying to adorn it with more and more lovely things, only to have my efforts rewarded with repeated stabbing. 

Anyway, now that it’s done, it looks rather splendid. We don’t usually buy him any gifts, though, because he already has so many things – or, as Cat Daddy puts it, “this house is full of his shite”. And, besides, buying a tree AND gifts for a cat might be considered a bit over the top. 

We have less than a week to go, and so many things still left to do. Luckily for Catorze, all he has to do is sit around and watch us do it all. 

8 thoughts on “C’est le moment le plus merveilleux de l’année

  1. A classic assessment of a home with pets: “this house is full of his shite”! LOL! Mine love to play with the tear strip off their dry food, bottle caps, unshelled walnuts…um…but not the expensive toy the television promised would give them hours of fun (and which uses FIVE C batteries). Merry Christmas from someone who enjoys your blog!

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  2. Our house is full of catnip toys that guests trip over, cat trees (obv!) and much loved cardboard boxes. It’s their home too 🙂 But the first one to touch the Christmas tree is toast!!!!!

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    1. Le Roi says: “Your humans are inadequate, but mine aren’t much better. Let us assemble the Chat Noir Armée and attack at nightfall.”


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