Le chat aime le poisson, mais il n’aime pas se mouiller les pattes

Not long ago, Cat Daddy and I decided to have a Fish Week at Le Château, because we love fish – I always choose it in a restaurant – but don’t eat enough of it. Now, most cats would think this were the best thing on earth and would hover around at cooking time, yowling, sniffing and generally being a pest. However, because Louis Catorze can take or leave food, Fish Week passed him by completely unnoticed. 

His big brother Luther would never have let us get off so lightly; Luther loved seafood so much that it was actually listed on his rap sheet at the rescue. I recall wondering at the time why a food preference were important enough to pass onto potential adopters, but I later discovered that they were actually trying to warn us: “Likes prawns” was, in fact, code for “Will kill you to get to them.”

This was proven by The Fish Pie Incident aka HaddockGate, which my sister also witnessed, and about which she can now only talk in a hushed whisper. There were also further incidents, such as the time that I had to leave the house and eat my prawn salad in the car because Luther was harassing me so badly. He had never used a cat flap before but learned in about 0.3 seconds because I stood on the other side, waving a piece of sea bass.

Fish Week would have been all Luther’s dreams come true. No such luck with his petit frère: look at this, quite frankly, FREAKISH non-reaction to a salmon and gruyère fish cake. (The paw, incidentally, was NOT reaching out for the fish cake: Catorze was in this position anyway when I plonked the bowl down in front of him. I even left the room to fetch my cup of tea and, when I returned, both fish cake and cat were as I had left them.) Luther, on the other hand, would have swum through molten lava for this.

We’re not exactly short of evidence that the little sod isn’t normal (reason: #becauseRoi). But this just tops the lot. 


5 thoughts on “Le chat aime le poisson, mais il n’aime pas se mouiller les pattes

  1. as i red this, 2 or my three ar tucking into sardines and tuna. both canned in spring water. the third, the littlest is out in the catio on the top shelf watching the 7 doves who appear to reside in my leafless cherry tree. oddly , this morning when i woke up i was contemplating a fish day!! (for me not them)

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  2. The thing I love about cats the most is they are “predictably unpredictable” and will adore and kill for something ONE DAY, then ignore it completely the next. Keeps us humans on our toes!

    Hugs, Pam

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  3. My cats don’t eat people food but Gracie does like to give it a lick. I wouldn’t dare leave her so close to my food unsupervised unless I didn’t mind a bit lick. No bite, just a lick. Just enough to gross me out.

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  4. As a treat, I will open a small pouch of fish and gravy for Popper. There are six or so varieties, but she prefers the one with salmon and one tiny prawn. It’s good that there is a lot of gravy/sauce, because she does not eat the fish! She only wants the sauce. I comply because I think it’s good for her to get some fish oil into her and think it makes her coat nicer. I then have to clean the dishes with fish parts on it.

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