La poudre à cheveux

I have bought some dry shampoo powder for Louis Catorze, since his bath in our neighbours’ building dust had such a lovely effect on his fur. So, just like the proper French aristocracy back in the day, the little sod will be strutting around his Château with powdered hair.

Because Catorze is so sensitive, I decided against a ready-made product with a long list of ingredients and, instead, I’ve chosen a pure colloidal oatmeal powder. I have no idea what “colloidal” means but it sounds medicinal enough without being TOO medicinal, if you get what I mean. (Cat Daddy: “Not really.”)

The only thing is: how do I apply it? When he went to our neighbours’ house and came back caked in dust, I imagine he rolled it in of his own accord rather than having the builders rub it into him – although the latter would have been funnier – so I am more inclined to scatter it on the floor and wait. Yet all internet advice about dry-shampooing cats suggests putting poor kitty in the bath (!) and assaulting him with handfuls of powder, which would be absolutely hellish for all concerned.

So the pack of colloidal oatmeal is just sitting in the cupboard until I decide how to use it. Any suggestions would be gratefully welcomed.

“Bathe moi if you dare.”

29 thoughts on “La poudre à cheveux

  1. Hmmm… Could you hire some handsome men to rub the dry shampoo on Louis? One would do, but a group of 3 to 5 would be preferable. Generous tipping is a must, and a good NDA is strongly recommended by our in-house counsel, Darth Vader.

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  2. The scent is likely to be very important. Did you check whether the « pure colloidal oatmeal powder » smelled of building dust before buying it ?

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  3. What about trying it on you first and see if Sa Maj likes the smell or not? If he does, then keep some near you and when he’s attracted by your lovely smell and gives you a big cuddles, you can spread some on him, too 🙂 Then you’ll both smell great and look …. errr…. powdered, lol…

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  4. Perhaps employing a flour sifter filled with the shampoo and gently/quickly “raining” it upon Sa Maj (whilst asleep or stoned?) As ridiculous as it sounds, this worked with my cats. Of course, all but one was beauty only (brains optional)…

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    1. Ooh, good idea! And no brains here, either. In fact, not much beauty, come to think of it! 🤣🤣🤣


  5. I believe colloidal oatmeal is just oatmeal that has been ground particularly finely (I think so that it will dissolve in water). My suggestion is to put a light layer in a cardboard box and wait until he gets in (and hopefully rolls around a bit). I can’t remember if he likes catnip, but maybe throw a little of that in for motivation 🙂

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