Les liens qui nous unissent

Louis Catorze has just tangled himself up in his new toy. (See photo below – and, yes, I did deliberately choose pink.)

Obviously we would have untangled him had he been in distress, but he wasn’t. In fact, he didn’t seem to notice that the cord was wrapped around him. Cat Daddy and I watched him at length, giggling a little and saying, “Any minute now he will realise.”


The little sod took a break from play, went for a casual wander around the living room, then settled down on Cat Daddy’s lap, all the while remaining entangled and dragging the stick behind him. How on earth it could possibly have been comfortable is beyond me, but then we have never understood this beast and it’s unlikely that we will start now.

Here is Sa Maj, blissfully unaware of his entrapment:

Yes, that’s the wooden stick under his rump.

17 thoughts on “Les liens qui nous unissent

      1. This morning, I worried so much that I wrote « when nobody is there can help him. » instead of « when nobody is there to help him. ».

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